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What has happened to my account ahhhhhhh

My account isnt opening


  • ShiroNaiShiroNai Back from the dead...maybe?Posts: 4,453Member, Arbiter
    Please stop making new threads. If the issue is that "World isn't load, etc." message keeps popping up when you try to log in, then may of us are experiencing this problem and the best thing to do is to sit it out.

    If you forgot your password or it doesn't or anymore, you should email [email protected]
  • Hamza36936Hamza36936 Posts: 16Member
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 750Member
    My acc ain't working either
  • GizikinGizikin Da Caribbean with meh pirate fwendsPosts: 68Member
    Devs just trying to change worlds
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