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Ideas, and General Thoughts

lxlylxly anywhere but hereMember Posts: 1,319
Seeing as I haven't made a discussion since 2014, I have decided to compile a list of all ideas I've never publically shared, both past and present, because I've had a lot of ideas since I started the game waaaaay back in 2013. I want to also point out, since in the past I have seen people have trouble understanding that these are solely my ideas and opinions, and I am in no way stating that these are definitely going to be implemented. They're gonna be sorted by what I like the most, and more will be added in time, so without further ado, let me begin.

#1: Foreground Blocks

This, admittedly, is one of my favourite ideas I have, hence its position as number one. I believe that a way to increase depth, both figuratively and literally, is to add blocks that go in front of solid blocks, but you can still pass through them. They would appear like solid blocks until you pass underneath them, at which point they become transparent. If two or more players are in the same room, it would only display transparent where your player is standing, and you wouldn't be able to see around other players. Perception could play a role in it, with each point in perception increasing your sight radius. It would add an incentive to explore in adventure worlds, for example, if you had to find a switch to open a door to proceed, you couldn't then just use your perception to look around to find it and be done with it. Instead, you'd have to search for it, possibly uncovering bonus loot or lore in the map itself. It would also, as said previously, add depth and a sense of exterior to builds, allowing you to combine different blocks to make unique looking exteriors.

#2: Foreground Decoration

The natural progression from foreground blocks is foreground decorations. These would be special decorations that could either be the same as existing decorations, or entirely new designs. Perhaps designs for largely exterior decorations, such as drainpipes outside houses (or regular pipes serving the same purpose), or exterior benches, like the newly added park benches and classic streetlights (or was it lampposts?)

#3: Weaponary

This idea is slightly less feasible considering we already have firmly established 'rules' for weapons. We have upgrade kits to make them stronger. This is mostly my opinion, but I believe the developers missed out on a great oppurtunity to expand our weapons arsenals. Hypothetically, remove weapon upgrade kits. (Don't panic, they're still in the game. You can continue to cradle and metaphorically polish your beloved energy cannon MKIII's) Now, imagine, what would happen without them? Everyone would be severely underpowered compared to previous, right?

Well, no, not exactly. Let's say we take the musket, which when I started the game, was one of my favourite weapons in the game. The MKIII upgrade makes it faster and stronger. Think, for a moment, about another weapon that is faster and stronger than a musket, while still maintaining the same basic shape and feel. If you chose lever-action, you are 100% on the same wavelength as me. Lever action rifles could be crafted to match the strength and ergonomics of a MKIII musket, and the same for a MKII musket and an air-rifle, or bolt-action rifle. As for pistols, a MKII pistol could be a revolver, and MKIII an early version of a modern pistol, such as those used in World War One.


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