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PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,647Member
edited December 2016 in Feedback and Game Ideas
Ready for another extremely complicated idea that will never be implemented? Well I am!

Industrialization: Making a factory that makes complicated things that you can't make in the crafting menu automatically!
Here is a picture that has examples of all the machines and some additional things I'll cover later:

Alrighty, I'll start explaining the simple blocks. There is an output block, an input block, and a control panel (which is already in the game).

Input Blocks:
Attaches to the inputs on machines. Items either on conveyor belts or liquids in pipes are channeled in and stored until the machine is ready to accept more inputs. Input blocks can put an item into the machine only when there is no process happening in the machine already and when they receive a signal from an output block when the machine finished something and puts the finished item into the output block (this sends a signal to a designated input block to input things into the machine). Using a control panel hooked up to the input block, you can set how many items are put into the machine each time it receives a signal from the output block. Editing the machine itself with a control panel will allow you to set what the machine will be making to prevent it starting early on a product when there is still an input that needs to go in. Example: A machine can make something from 1 water and 1 acid, but can also make something from 1 acid. Putting a recipe in for 1 acid and 1 water will prevent it from making the 1 acid recipe if it is still waiting for
1 water.

Output Blocks:
Attaches to outputs of machines. If a control panel is hooked up to a machine you can set which an output block connected to the machine to either accept liquid or solid outputs (an output block can only handle 1 type [but it can handle multiple
Of 1 type, ie. three identical solid items], that's where there is two places for output blocks on machines). When a machine finished making something it automatically puts it into one output depending on if the finished thing is solid or liquid. When the output block receives an item it sends a signal to the input block/s to put more things into the machine. Output blocks can also be set to destroy any items that it receives that are not on a whitelist (edited through a control panel hooked up to it). If a machine has an output that isn't being taken out, it will not accept more inputs until it is removed. A machine output MUST be connected to the input blocks to make the machine autonomous.

Control Panel:
A block that lets you edit machines once you connect them together.

How you move solid items. Putting one touching the left or right side of an output block will take an item out and move it along the direction it is pointing. This turns the item into a state similar to dropping an item in games like Terraria, but you can only pick it up by tapping on it. Putting a conveyor block one space above and next to an existing conveyor will move it up onto the higher one.

Sorts items that are input into it (does not need input or output blocks, the sides are designated certain colors which are chosen to represent inputs and outputs for certain blocks, standard stuff)

YAY, now time for machines! Machines can either be looted in special "factory" generated structures or crafted using these complicated machines once you have them all. In other words, hard to get. Machines can be set to make only one thing repeatedly, so you sometimes need multiple of a machine for complete automatization.

Pump: Placed at the bottom of a pool of liquid. Pump will take out 1 block of liquid every second until there is not enough liquid to make 1 whole block. Output block is attached to the top, which a pipe is then attached to. Only 1 block of liquid can be moved through a pipe at one time. When looking at a block of water in, say, and input block or a machine recipe menu, it will look like "1 water." Attaching an output block to the end of a pipe will make blocks of liquid come out, proportionate to how many are being taken in.

Used to refine solid items into solid items. Works like described machine in the input/output block section.

Refines liquids into solid items and in certain cases solids into solids. Works like centrifuge.

Turns solids into liquids. (Always needs some kind of liquid input, such as water or acid) Works like condenser.

Applies heat to items. Works like any other machine.

Not illustrated machines:
Used to refine liquid into other liquid. Works like all other machines.

Part Constructor:
Uses refined materials to create parts to use in the assembler. Works like any other machine.

Used to create final products. Most often requires parts from the part constructor.

Example of the creation of a complex product: Gas Mask

Required machines:
-Forge x2
-Part Constructor x3

Condenser Recipe:
Input: 1 Resin
Output: 1 Rubber
Done 3 times to make 3 Rubber

Forge #1 Recipe:
Input: 1 Sand
Output: 1 Pure Glass
Done 2 times to get 2 Pure Glass

Forge #2 Recipe:
Input: 1 Rubber
Output: 1 Plastic

Part Constructor #1 Recipe:
Input: 3 Rubber
Output: 1 Rubber Sheet

Part Constructor #2 Recipe:
Input: 1 Pure Glass
Output: 1 Lense
Done 2 times to get 2 Lenses

Part Constructor #3 Recipe:
Input: 1 Plastic
Output: 1 Plastic Tube

Assembler Recipe:
Input: 1 Rubber Sheet, 2 Lenses, 1 Plastic Tube
Output: 1 Gas Mask

Yay, you did it! I'll explain what the gas mask if for and all that stuff in another post later.
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  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,647Member
    Added what the machines do and all that fun jazz.
  • DebatorDebator dabbing on the hatersPosts: 651Member
    Thats amazing
  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,647Member
    It might be just a weeee bit too complicated... but it would be extremely awesome to see it all in action.
  • SetenSeten The city of England.Posts: 375Member
    Damn. You put a lot of effort into this.
    I like it, but maybe make it less complex.

    Uh but yeah, it's likely to not get implemented as you said :(
    Nice job though. I like you because you take care in what you do!
  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,647Member
    edited December 2016
    I only make this stuff because I enjoy really complicated and cool factory systems. I just enjoy drawing and making descriptions a lot. (:
  • KittyKupoKittyKupo Laying in a sunbeamPosts: 2,251Member
    I enjoy reading your ideas. I think it's really fun to come up with complicated ideas as well. Keep it up! :D
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