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Building Stuff

LyvenLyven Shuttered PalacePosts: 6,453Member
edited December 2016 in Feedback and Game Ideas
A bunch of stuff that can help you with building

Control Station
2 Large Control Panel
1 Control Panel
30 Berrylum Ore
5 Schematic
1 Orange Crystal
1 Micro Protector

This creates the control station. This allows you to keep track of any and all placed protectors, teleporters, and other self-protecting items.

There will be a search bar, 4 main toggles, one of them having subtoggles.
First is All
It simply shows you all the world where youve placed self-protecting items.

Second is Protector
The protector allows you to find all protectors youve placed in any and all worlds, even private ones (though you cannot visit the world).
It will show the world type, name, and the amount of protectors youve placed in that world.
You can toggle it to sort out specific protectors.

Third is Teleporter
Same thing as micros; It allows you to find all the Teleporters youve placed. You can toggle this to be either in private or public worlds.

Lastly, Other
All other items (Invoker, Mini Obelisk etc; Excluding Orange Portals) will be placed right here.

Note: In the "All" toggle, all self-protecting items will display, not just protectors

Measuring Tape
1 Compass
2 Iron Blocks
500 Paper

You put the Measuring Tape in yer hotbar, then you tap a block. It will show you in the screen the total amount of blocks from Point A (the block tapped) to Point B (your position) in length and depth.
Simply double tap the Measuring Tape to remove it

2 Blue Crystals
1 Red Crystal
20 Iron Blocks
1 Berrylum Ore
(Makes 2)

A more advanced version of the Measuring Tape. Placing a marker on one side will display the total distance between you and the placed marker. Placing another Marker will remove that display, needing you to tap the Marker to show its total distance instead of
placing it.
You can rename Markers and exclude other markers you placed in the world for easier use. They are also self-protecting.
You have the option to "Mark" their distances, placing a straight coloured line between them.

Again, markers will display distances between each other (unless a specific marker is excluded), self protecting, can be renamed, and has the option to display a coloured line in between them.

Construction Roller
-Rare loot found in Mechanical Chests (and slightly higher chance in Small Mech. Chests) starting at Luck Lvl10, or buyable at the shop for 250 crowns

Simply put, have the ability to place 2 or more blocks.
At starting, you can place 2 or more blocks. This can be upgraded to 3 using 5 diamonds and 4 blocks using 2 onyx.
Picture above is an expertly photoshopped example of a PC master race player using an unupgraded Construction Roller.

Thoughts, ideas, etc. just comment.


  • Nulgath27Nulgath27 They call me PrymancerPosts: 139Member
    What an amazing suggestion i would say, maybe besides the marker which deepworld dont really need it
  • LyvenLyven Shuttered PalacePosts: 6,453Member
    Nulgath27 said:

    What an amazing suggestion i would say, maybe besides the marker which deepworld dont really need it

    Unless you plan on creating huge or intricate builds. Dunno. I personally think theyd be a really useful item to have.
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