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Fracture (FracTur) - Guild

ChicaChica Welcome to your new home Kiwi! Posts: 28Member
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I finally have discovered how to navigate forums (took me long enough.) Just wanted to put out there that anyone needing a peaceful and friendly guild could join Fracture. Simply ask me on forums, kik or on Deepworld.

Rules: Anyone who griefs, scams, bullies, etc will be denied of entry into the guild. If several guild members inform me that you have been scamming or any of the above, you will be kicked from the guild. If you give back the stolen items, then you are allowed to stay in the guild.

Updates on this page: New co-owner Ryan_123 (Congrats!) and .Veggie.'s new username; .Nibiru.

Home world: Fracture HQ

Kik: There is a kik chat set up for any members interested. My kik username is .Chica.1. Simply ask me and I will add you to the guild chat. (If you have left the guild or are not in the guild, you will not be apart of the Fracture Guild chat.)

Leadership: I am the primary founder of the guild while .Nibiru. and Ryan_123 are my co-owner's. If it appears I am not on Deepworld and you spot either of the two, you can ask them any questions you have. As my guild grows, I may begin having more and more co-owners. Please do not ask to be co-owner!

Organization: In Fracture HQ, you can visit the area Guild Members. (Type /tp Guild Members into chat.) Every guild member drops into one of four categories.
Average/Unknown: These members are not very known by me or my co-owner's. Do not have a crow.
Elite: These members are active and talk to me or co-owner's. Iron crow and up.
Commander: These members are great friends with me or co-owner's and are active. Sapphire crow and up.
Co-Leader: This title can only be earned if highly trusted by me. Does not need a crow/any crow.

I just would like everyone to know that there are few exceptions when it comes to crows. I value all members and do not judge based on crow/moon. This is just a simple way of organizing our steadily growing guild!

Thank you for your time and happy holidays! If you have any questions, please ask me on any of the platforms listed above. (Updates on this page are coming up.)
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