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Making new give away for you womans and mens , girls and boys !!!

KinderQuaser20DKinderQuaser20D Posts: 193Member
edited January 2017 in Events
I promise you guys that if my friend land which the land names Full moon get 100-150 votes i will make anew give away
We will be so happy if we get the votes
I saw that most of the players comment to me that your give away are good so lets try this

I will be so happy to make give aways for you guys .
Pls pls i promise to make a give away with good prizes !!!
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  • KinderQuaser20DKinderQuaser20D Posts: 193Member
    Guys if there wasnt any moon land in the dw just wait a 2-3 hours because my friend is buying the world
  • KinderQuaser20DKinderQuaser20D Posts: 193Member
    Guys sorry but my friend change the name of the world to full moon because red moon is already taken .
    Pls vote for another give away
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