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EPYC #20

SirentistSirentist Member, Moderator, Arbiter Posts: 8,681
Behold EPYC #20! From rampaging mutant brabbits to brain-frozen Batman, this one has it all!

Many thanks to our lovely participants:

@Sirentist (caption)
@Tannerman14 (drawing)
@CleoAdkins007 (caption)
@RoseGold (drawing)
@RedMan (caption)
@Athena (drawing)
@GlobeGaming (caption)
@vin_venture (drawing)
@PIPTR0 (caption)
@Hermitess (drawing)
@LittyKitty (caption)
@Yeongyul (drawing)
@Diane (caption)

The first attempt to cross-breed baby brains with snow bunnies didn't go quite as planned. (Sirentist)


All hell broke loose in the Deepworld lab when the brain-bunnies escaped and contaminated the science equipment. (CleoAdkins007)


An experiment done between a bunny and a baby brain escapes the cage and destroys the lab. (RedMan)


Experiment 143 is delighted when she finds the key to the carrot room. (GlobeGaming)


Batman's tea party was going well until he realized he didn't know how to cook carrots. (PIPTR0)


Batman, displeased with the temperature of his carrot-flavored coffee, called for his butler Alfred immediately. (LittyKitty)


Grape Man had managed to successfully immobilize Batman with brain freeze, but he hadn't counted on Alfred showing up with a pee gun. (Diane)


  • DianeDiane Member Posts: 367
    LOLOL! love it as always and always good for a belly laugh. Brabbets! Nice job everyone
  • vin_venturevin_venture Minion Training Facility 274Member Posts: 1,202
    Those brain bunnies are the cutest scary thing ever!
  • HermitessHermitess Member Posts: 592
    Hahaha! That is wonderful!
  • William2William2 Member, Arbiter Posts: 3,377
    These always make me laugh LOL. You guys come up with the funniest drawings and captions!
  • RoseGoldRoseGold HogwartsMember Posts: 1,120
    This is great! I love Vin's lego representation!
  • AthenaAthena Somewhere over the rainbow.Member Posts: 766
    What is the grape man saying?

    But great job everyone! This was so funny!
  • Tannerman14Tannerman14 OblivionMember Posts: 2,218
    edited February 2017
    Lol!!!!! This is awesome!!! Absolutely hilarious!

    Found key to the carrot room, love it!

    And I'm just saying, we like REALLY need brabbits in game!! Can you imagine coming across some of these in a brain world? Lol
  • YeongyulYeongyul UtahMember Posts: 734
    Grape man is not saying anything it says...
    "Not Sirentist, supossed to be joker"
  • HermitessHermitess Member Posts: 592
    But maybe Siren -is- the Joker! :open_mouth:
  • CleoAdkins007CleoAdkins007 Land of OzMember Posts: 1,112
    Omg this is so funny :joy: I love seeing how it all comes together!
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahMember, Arbiter Posts: 5,058
    This is hilarious!!! :joy:
  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsMember Posts: 366
    No offense, but this is not my cup of tea. I'll keep watching and hope it grows on me.
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,910
    From brain bunny to Batman and grapeman? 11/10
  • DianeDiane Member Posts: 367
    Bastian7 said:

    No offense, but this is not my cup of tea. I'll keep watching and hope it grows on me.

    Goodness, don't trouble yourself with it, then! We've got more then enough people, no need for you to stick around & force yourself to try & like something that you don't think is fun :)
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