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*Insert Clickbait here* Visit Qwerty

TealHyenaTealHyena SmoresMember Posts: 679
My fellow admins and I have been toiling away (by which I mean forcing @retta to do most of the work) on making a new Brain biome spawner world called Qwerty.

Qwerty was made to spawn Brain Lords at a moderate rate in order for players to obtain Brain Wine (a substance in game that allows for a bonus skill point to be applied to any skill once and only up to skill level 10). So far Brain Lords have been spawning fairly well. If there is one player active at the world a Brain Lord will spawn every 1 minuet at the most lengthy wait. Other than Brain Lords, all varieties of Brains spawn there also, good for obtaining Jerkys and Canisters.

Huge thanks to all my Admins and helpers for aiding in the completion of my second spawning world, Qwerty. (Hallucination Peak being the first) Admins and Helpers:
[Sorry If I forgot some, DW is currently down, and I can't check at the moment]

Hope to see you all there! Best of luck obtaining the infamous Brain Wine!


  • NightTheKidDWNightTheKidDW An Elite Combine officer with high level of virtueMember Posts: 520
    I'm still in search of the stiff drink. Exotic tastes require exotic beverages.
  • Tannerman14Tannerman14 OblivionMember Posts: 2,218
    I was there earlier, it's a pretty good world
  • RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshineMember Posts: 553
    @TealHyena thx for the kudos but I have to admit I have a selfish reason, all the background is helping me on the leaderboards! And I'm having fun!
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