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Opinion to Why Deepworld is Dying



    Decreasing Community
    Bring back GRAPTIK
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,128
    All of the Above!

    Bring back GRAPTIK

  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Member Posts: 1,816
    All of the Above!
    IamGhost said:

    I took a screenshot a few years ago of my character entering north market ( best market world btw ), for some reason, but I'm glad I did. And I got the urge to redo the screenshot, and I was heart broken on how much it changed. Downright disappointed. Tell me if you agree.

    Man from what I can tell you, the first picture is a lot more smooth in terms of texture. Even the stripped balloon looks fabulous.
  • Dominus_MortisDominus_Mortis I am being super super super super super super super super super SUUUUPER good. Mmkay? Kay.Member Posts: 945
    All of the Above!

    Bring back GRAPTIK

  • AviatrixAviatrix Wardrobe, NarniaMember Posts: 135
    Deepworld is NOT Dying
    Okay I've had a change of heart... kind of.

    @ipads @Dracul @Debator

    It's been a while since I wrote all that being so desperately optimistic...

    Look, I do really like deepworld, it's not a bad game, I do like it, or anything and it's fun to play but after leaving for a few months because of school and then coming back, I can see all your points; the game isn't very attached to the post-apocalyptic storyline and there are some flaws.

    I still think the devs put a lot of time into making the game, but hey, I can definitely see the truth in all your points (even if they were made months ago).

    Ah well, as someone who's been playing since 2013, I'm really hoping the whole game gets some what of a revival.

    Thanks for listening, sorry for being so hopelessly sensitive earlier...
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