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Fishing/fish pole idea

ItsjustketchupItsjustketchup Plastic BeachPosts: 220Member
edited March 2017 in Feedback and Game Ideas
It would be cool to be able to fish ingame having a variety of a wooden pole, diamond pole, onyx pole to use for fishing as the quality increases its easyier to catch fish, fish will just be like butterflys how you can catch with a net. (fish will only be able to be caught in a certain amount of water so you cannot abuse a hole in the ground with water in it, even though there will probably be farms created.)

Maybe even just swinging like you do with a net will catch you a fish? Or maybe there will be a animation with the water to tell you that you have a fish bitting the line? It would be cool to see what ideas can sprout from this and how complex it could get maybe even having a variety of bait (I'm not creative with names) normal bait, diamond bait, onyx bait.

When using top tier bait gives you a higher chance of better fish but when using normal bait you still can catch any kind of fish onyx bait can but less of a chance. It would be cool if you could even loot garbage from fishing maybe copper scrap metal, widgets and other items.

Instead of luck affecting the drop chance of a good fish maybe add a fishing skill? That would be a cool concept and give the max lvl players a new max lvl to get to because of the fishing skill (max fishing skill 13) fishing accessories would help with that. Tackle box +3 fishing, Bobbers +2 fishing. I bet there's better names or fishing equipment that could be used for this it's just the two I could think of off the top of my head. I hope you enjoyed this quick idea and it would be cool to have it implemented ingame. And other people's ideas to give the game more features for the players. After deepworld can finally be played on windows and andriod that is:P*cough water biome cough*


  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,647Member
    Pretty good, I could see myself fishing in DW. But first they need to add fish...
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member
    You don't need to add that much detail, fish would probably spawn in large water bodies when they come out officially.
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 749Member
    PIPTR0 said:

    Pretty good, I could see myself fishing in DW. But first they need to add fish...

    Well soon enough when they add an ocean biome they'll add fish and maybe fishing aswell!
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