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llmmzz's Announcement!

llmmzzllmmzz Member Posts: 567
hi every friends in DW
this link is me , (the account already be hacked, i will update this link when the name changed)

but i already quit the game and unstall the game if meet me in DW , i will donate you 20 cry block!
if you can not receive my donation, it show : you meet the hacker or a person buy my account from hacker, don't trust him!



  • RomyrjohnandreiRomyrjohnandrei I like to smell your hair while i watch you sleep in your bed from behind your closet....Member Posts: 1,337

    llmmzz said:

    Hello, friends in DeepWorld.
    This link is me, (the account has already been hacked, I will update this link when the name changes.)

    However, I already quit and uninstalled the game. If you meet me in DeepWorld, I'll gift you 20 crystal blocks!
    If you cannot receive my donation, then you'll have met the 'hacker' or a person who bought my account from the 'hacker', don't trust them!

    From China, llmmzz

    It seems that he has been hacked and tries to tell us that if he's the one playing the game, he would give us 20 cry blocks, but if we met him in game, and somehow does not know about giving the crystal, it would be the hacker.... i think ?
  • NightTheKidDWNightTheKidDW An Elite Combine officer with high level of virtueMember Posts: 520
    Here we go again....
  • RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshineMember Posts: 553
    @NightTheKidDW ignore this thread it's over @lisa can we please close this one?
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