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Can't Login

Well I finally broke down and deleted Deepworld today. I reinstalled it, which was only version 2.7. Then I did the holiday update. Which took me to 2.8.3. It just pops a gear up that doesn't move when I try to login. So I deleted it again and just installed it to version 2.7.0. Now it is actually checking my username and password to see if they exist in the system. I can't login, I don't think I ever created a password, bummer that. Is anyone else having problems with version 2.8.3?


  • Rasen_Kyugan_FoxRasen_Kyugan_Fox GroundedMember Posts: 755
    3 people with the same problem, coincidence?
  • lisalisa ice cream parlorAdministrator Posts: 5,129
    I don't see an issue on your account. Did you try resetting your password?
  • SpyderQu33nSpyderQu33n Member Posts: 6
    I don't have a password, it never had me make one or enter an email. I input my email and never get a token. My son has the same problem with his mippy ID.
  • mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityMember, Administrator Posts: 5,339
    I am looking into this.
  • SpyderQu33nSpyderQu33n Member Posts: 6
    @mikelaurence I can get into DeepWorld now. Is there anyway to get back into my SpyderQu33n ID? I never registered it. My son, however, is still stuck with a gear that doesn't spin. His ID is mippy
  • Kaan145Kaan145 AmericaMember Posts: 8
    I can't get into deepworld too. It says I have to make a new player. When I went on my spare accounts they were deleted too and were also saying to make a new player. I am annoyed SOOOOO MUCH!
  • Kaan145Kaan145 AmericaMember Posts: 8
    I didn't login with an email or a password
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