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Forums In-Game

ChickenChicken Member Posts: 1,359
I don't know if this issue has already been presented (because of my inactivity) but when I'm bored in game or waiting on someone I like to tap my face in the top left corner (on iPad) and select forums. I realized that after the recent update (It worked on my second iPad before it updated the game) the forums AND Guide just sit and load a white screen. It's very helpful to access the forums and guide in game and this is preventing me from doing that.
Again, I'm sorry if I am late but I did not see anything about this.
Is anyone else having this problem?
If so any suggestions on how to fix this??


  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 4,048
    I somehow read this as Games in-Forum, like forum games...

    Tried installing and deleting the app?
  • RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshineMember Posts: 553
    @chicken my guide won't load either, mike is aware and working on it
  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsMember Posts: 431
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Member Posts: 731
    Chicken I'm also experiencing this but my iPad seems to work.
  • ChickenChicken Member Posts: 1,359
    So...anything new on this? It would be great to use forums in the game once more. :wink:
  • JsaycoolJsaycool It's High NoonMember Posts: 122
    Found you/your son. (can't tell difference you two look alike)
    2732 x 2048 - 9M
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Member Posts: 731
    This problem seems to be occurring with me. However with my second account it works fine.
  • RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshineMember Posts: 553
    I still can't get to it from the game
  • ChickenChicken Member Posts: 1,359
    This is still an issue. I want to put some light on this so maybe it can get fixed soon? I mean it's not needed but would be great.
  • ChickenChicken Member Posts: 1,359
    Sorry to double post but I am still waiting for this
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