Any Ideas for Big Project?

Android2_0Android2_0 Posts: 179
I just started playing deepworld again after a looonng break. From all my Android Arctic worlds I did I have many empty worlds lying there doing nothing. So I'm gonna try to build or do something in the worlds since I feel like its an open oppurtunity. If you have any ideas for absolutly anything put in the comments. Thanks for your help!


  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Fun Fact: A newly manufactured RPG-7 costs around $2000-2500.Posts: 1,434
    DDay battlefield?
  • ChickenChicken boredPosts: 863
    Umm what about some kind of ice castle?
  • RedManRedMan Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 2,500
    Art Gallery
  • RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshinePosts: 248
    I'm flooding mine after a lot of builds
  • SetenSeten LazyTown, or York, EnglandPosts: 233
    What about, a defence game with waves. It's been done once before.
  • Shadow711Shadow711 DeepworldPosts: 113
    Maybe make an airship.. or a giant castle the size of the world.
  • MiesnerMan86MiesnerMan86 When the world needed him most, he vanished.Posts: 29
    Make a scavenger hunt/riddles on multiple worlds you own. Kind of like a detective search?
  • Android2_0Android2_0 Posts: 179
    @MiesnerMan86 I did that before I took a couple month long break. It was never finished, but it would eventually lead to a big puzzle and obstacle course world called Civibus Aeternum. The world was almost done when I took a break. I havent built in it in a while. I moght maie it public one day, it had about ten long levels I think. If people like it I will finish it
  • MiesnerMan86MiesnerMan86 When the world needed him most, he vanished.Posts: 29
    @Android2_0 thats pretty cool, i was thinking more like solve riddles to open a coded door or something (i have been talking a lot about coded doors lately because i just made a prototype one that works very well)
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 104
    Make a replica of The world 'Mofc1991'
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