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Why Can't I Send A Private Message To Someone Who's Not On My Friendlist?

NeZeMNeZeM The Genie In Your Shoe :)Member Posts: 13

Aren't there any way to do this?
I mean, there has been countless times that I needed to find someone who doesn't follow me. Times I wanted to trade, ask or tell them something.
Even tho we're not tight friends I might still want to contact them.
Could this be possible to do one day? Are there any easier way to find them then visiting every world, hoping that they are there just then?

Thank You



  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Probably gonna get myself banned on purpose later.Member Posts: 1,815
    Sounds neat, but you may also get trolls and people who wanna get a word from you.
  • NeZeMNeZeM The Genie In Your Shoe :)Member Posts: 13
    Yea i know right? :)
    But then there should be a mute button too.
    I really think it could be worth it!
  • MultarixMultarix Over a rainbow with kittens and ponies dancing around a fire built upon the corpses of their enemiesMember Posts: 2,957

    Then I think there is a /t command or something to pm a player in the same world as you, and it comes up in blue text.
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,769
    edited May 2017
    You dont message someone who are on your friendlist, you message someone who you are on his friendlist

    I dont think private messaging should be opened to non-followers though, for various reasons
  • lisalisa ice cream parlorAdministrator Posts: 5,123
    So @Multarix is right and you can /t anyone who doesn't have you muted in the same world as you. There are pros and cons to having the ability to pm anyone you want IG and we decided the cons vastly outweigh the pros.
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