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T rex

RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshineMember Posts: 553
So is T. rex officially released? Which biome is it available in?


  • AuraAura EnglandMember, Arbiter Posts: 5,075
    I believe so. I have only seen one person find one, and it was in a temperate biome.
  • RettaRetta Basking in so cal sunshineMember Posts: 553
    @Aura there's a pic on forum someone found on a brain so it seems in any biome it's possible?
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,909
    I believe it is found on temperate worlds only, the Brain thing was an event.
  • TealHyenaTealHyena SmoresMember Posts: 679
    I know both Jacky and Gilby have found fully assembled T-Rex fossils in brain biomes. Alothough, this was when Laurence was in-game so he probably spawned them in for fun. These were fully assembled and did not need to be mined my a spade.
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