EPYC #23

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Behold EPYC the 23rd! Featuring cockroaches, mysterious fish cars, sheep, and angry whale gods. What more could you want?

As always, thanks to our participants:

@Sirentist (caption)
@Shadow711 (drawing)
@Hydroblade29 (caption)
@Tannerman14 (drawing)
@Inception (caption)
@LittyKitty (drawing)
@Gilby (caption)
@Clueboe (drawing)
@PIPTR0 (caption)
@mofc1991 (drawing)
@Magic (caption)
@Hermitess (drawing)
@Alphastorm (caption)
@vin_venture (drawing)
@IronManArcher (caption)
@_Brainstorm_ (drawing)
@Diane (caption)

And disappointed faces at our latest Hall of Shame members:


Pixie was just about to mine her very first onyx when the cockroach invasion began. (Sirentist)


A successful mining trip for onyx turns into an infestation of roaches. (Hydroblade29)


The roach rider is having a lucky day. (Inception)


While exploring the wasteland on her mutated cockroach, Susan finds a very unexpected discovery. (Gilby)


Sir Wentsworth and his roach ride observed the wreckage of the unidentified vehicle. (PIPTR0)


Sir Woolsworth looks longingly at the moon while building a wall after being dropped off by the mysterious fish car. (Magic)

image (Hermitess)

The sheep stood confused by a brick wall at night while the fish drove away. (Alphastorm)


A sheep stares at the lord fish driving a tank, and wonders if the time has come. (IronManArcher)


The angry whale god had no mercy for those of his flock with poor church attendance records. (Diane)


  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,436
    Haha! CLASSIC!
  • InceptionInception Hello Darling Member Posts: 400
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher Hunting down steam jetsMember Posts: 720
  • HermitessHermitess Member Posts: 592
    Sirentist said:

    "The whale god's combat flashbacks were getting more and more problematic."

    Haha, I love this.

    I love all of the pictures and captions. That one definitely took some twists and turns!
  • Tannerman14Tannerman14 OblivionMember Posts: 2,215
    edited July 24
    At least we stuck with the cockroach theme for awhile... lol

    And I love how we all stuck with cockroaches and onyx for the first three pictures, lol. This was a good one
  • MiesnerMan86MiesnerMan86 What is Life?Member Posts: 585
    ;-; wall of shame. This one was definately funny though
  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 I identify myself as a U.S. Navy Black Cat.Member Posts: 1,765
    @Diane cracks me up lol
  • AlphastormAlphastorm Somewhere in space. Watching...always watching. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.Member Posts: 461
    I need to step up my game here. I'm getting outdone!
  • Shadow711Shadow711 Wherever the wind takes meMember Posts: 790
    I need to actually draw something next time. I made mine in-game, cause I had no time.
  • DianeDiane Member Posts: 362
    @Clueboe could be a professional illustrator
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