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Kicks and Giggles

TealHyenaTealHyena SmoresMember Posts: 679
edited July 2017 in Off-Topic
So this thread can be for pretty much whatever you want to share just for fun. Something that you'd get immediately torn apart by bored arbiters for sharing elsewhere!

Here's mine: Last night I had a dream. It took place in a city, outside a hotel. (Now, I've been playing lots of GTA V lately, I'm not a psychopath) and characters would walk outside the hotel, and GTA style, I'd gun them down for loot. Then one guy dropped a LEAPQUEST! So this totally made sense in my mind that this was great and I was going to be rich, because I would just camp outside this hotel and murder people for loot. I had 100's of LeapQuests by the time I woke up, and I am now realizing that GTA and Deepworld are not the same game... :(


  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Member Posts: 1,815
    I prefer robbing online players.
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,911
    Currently, after I started working on my new game, I can't sleep and feel like I have an idea overdose...
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