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EPYC #24

SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter


Fred quickly realized that baby brains, while adorable, do not make good pets. (vin_venture)


Fred decided to take his electric pet on a walk, but to his surprise, his presence was a shock to the surrounding animals. (_Brainstorm_)


Constable Jeff walks his pet lightning tree through the park. (IronManArcher)


On the mountainside path, a random hiker is having a slight problem with a storm and a heart. (MiesnerMan86)


A small man videotapes as the evil heart-shaped person tries to destroy a storm with a chainsaw. (Tannerman14)


Last known photograph of acclaimed documentary filmmaker Benny Bygawd, taken just before a battle between Leatherface's heart and the legendary thundersheep went terribly wrong.


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