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How about , giving new ideas ? (Feed back and ideas)

KinderQuaser20DKinderQuaser20D Posts: 193Member
edited August 2017 in Collaborations
I made this discussion to see what kinds of things people thinks that will make deepworld more enjoyable so post your ideas here , ireally like to see new rare gem stones like emerald ruby sapphire pearls and different kinds of beryls , i like to see multi trades too, and also let me know what you think about my ideas ☺☺☺
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  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Posts: 1,818Member
    Probably belongs in the Feedback and Ideas category.
  • The_MarauderThe_Marauder Mining til I diePosts: 372Member
    Emeralds - Blend in w acid way too well
    Rubies - Would probably look exactly like Red Crys
    Sapphires - exact same color as Blue Crys
    Pearls - Would probably look pretty cool tbh, but would require clams (meaning water biomes would probably have to come along, but this isn't too far-fetched should aquatic life just be put in any given worlds water, and not a totally new water biome created with these installed)
    Multi-Trades - everyone in the game (except scammers) have agreed on this for a long time

    And @Hydroblade29 is probably right, this is the wrong section for this
  • Shadow711Shadow711 I’m in a rather dark place, if you haven’t guessed by now.Posts: 882Member
    I know that emeralds would blend with acid too Much, but we do need more green blocks. Whether that be emeralds or green crystals, it would balance out red crystals. (And maybe even harness magic corrosive powers?)
  • ItsjustketchupItsjustketchup Plastic BeachPosts: 220Member
    Hmmm what would I want to make deepworld more enjoyable..for me:P

    Ivy dark green grassy/mossy textured background

    leaf blocks leaf backgrounds light or dark green maybe even works like dirt in different worlds hell worlds texture is burnt, arctic covered in snow, desert dead leafs? Maybe even get a variety of choices like festive lanterns between light green dark green or autumn colours? Golden brown like the brass roofing colour but a leaf texture? braintank glass isn't
    the prettiest thing for a tree:P

    Grey roofing or stone roofing would look nice this will follow up to my next idea..

    A paintbrush be able to change colour of blocks can be bought in the crownstore like a construction claw or tool belt

    A ruler shows a white grid (easier to count and place blocks in specific areas) when equipped in the accessorys area can be turned on and off like a force shield

    Waterfalls a way to be able to create waterfalls maybe it's a block or a animated background
    That we can place but I really want this we do not have any water blocks unless waterbombs.. blue crab wallpaper doesn't work and it's definitely possible with the fountain and bidets spewing water:P

    Smoothed blocks just a title saying I want solid colour blocks, smoothed stone smoothed adobe smoothed green stone brick, blue, red

    A way to be able to place stalagmite or stalactite an mushroom stems

    Some things I can hope for:

    More architectural worlds

    More building competitions

    The old community:P

    Oh new idea:P maybe way to rotate blocks? Or just give us upside down roofs making arks and Fancy wood pillars it's a hassle to use marble pillars in a wood build if it doesn't mix well:P

  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member
    A paper block / backdrop that can be set to any color when placed, needed for all kinds of pixel art and fun stuff
  • MiesnerMan86MiesnerMan86 I Guess I’m backPosts: 600Member

    A paper block / backdrop that can be set to any color when placed, needed for all kinds of pixel art and fun stuff

    I tried to build a mario themed build and whoopdeedoo theres no green block that i can use except paper and brain tank (and thats ugly)
  • AlphastormAlphastorm A higher plane of existence.Posts: 540Member
    I technically have a thread for new content suggestions already. It's slightly redundant to have two.
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