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Any Discussion Threads For Updates?

I've looked everywhere, and couldn't find any.
So I'm just going to post a few of my ideas here.

Give the option to players to make doors and trap doors to trap fluids (water, lava, acid) when closed.
Add a mechanic that elevates players, and pushes them to the direction intented. Make an option to apply for fluids too.

Add more commands like /mood to make it a little more interesting for builders.
Ideas for those could be making the lights more blurry, and possibly changing the texture of some blocks.

The butler (both onyx and dia) isn't appearing when being placed, but uses up a battery.
Im not sure about the brass one.

Im using a mac mini, with version 10.12.1 (MacOs Sierra)

Fix this please or I won't be able to continue building my world.


  • Shadow711Shadow711 I’m in a rather dark place, if you haven’t guessed by now.Member Posts: 882
    The butler problem has been with us for a very good while now. It should be fixed soon.
  • DebatorDebator dabbing on the hatersMember Posts: 651
    Which updates?
  • The_MarauderThe_Marauder Mining til I dieMember Posts: 372
    The butler bot is probably a result of the mob glitch, because my diamond one works occasionally for me
  • Yassin2014Yassin2014 Member Posts: 40
    Debator said:

    Which updates?

    Im just asking if there is a offical deepworld thread where you can suggest things to update. Since I couldn't find one, I just made a thread.
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