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Is there any way to unplug maws?

JaceTDJaceTD Your BasementMember Posts: 55
I assume not but one of my "friends" plugged my maws in my spawner world. Thanks!


  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Member Posts: 1,816
    Nope you're screwed.
  • The_MarauderThe_Marauder Mining til I dieMember Posts: 372
    edited August 2017
    Unless you feel like Attempting (and yes, it's attempting because unless your an all-star hacker you wont) to hack or go into one of the admins/dev accounts and figure out a way to rewrite the code or figure out how to undo it, well.... Your friends messed ya up

    Edited to add: fixed spelling error
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  • Shadow711Shadow711 I’m in a rather dark place, if you haven’t guessed by now.Member Posts: 882
    Just put some blocks over it and act like it never happened.
  • DebatorDebator dabbing on the hatersMember Posts: 651
    Maybe ask lisa or the devs
  • The_MarauderThe_Marauder Mining til I dieMember Posts: 372
    Just remembered! Press the undo/delete button if you're on PC
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