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Once upon a time....

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Lisa told me that she had to delete my wall post, do I moved it here. Feel free to add onto it.

Once upon a time......
There was a man named .Rogue..... He found two onyx in a cave...... And made an onyx spade..... And he found a fossil..... And even though he had the onyx spade, he couldn't collect it… And he tried for hours and hours to find another fossil.... Until one day he sold his spade.... For an unusual painting called "Outling"..... One day he accidentally place a mega bomb beside this "Outling".... And he raged so much that he placed another mega bomb, which took out his… Steam supply, which was hooked up to a bomb supressor which had stopped the first bomb from exploding… The End. ....of the first chapter.

Chapter two.
After our hero unwittingly placed his outling in the middle of an open world.... So he mined it again, and traded it in for.... 5 onyx. Where he then sold it to a… very delightful man wearing a… rabid weasel wrapped around his neck That ate a bunny that ate the outling..... And got banned afterwards for having an unimplemented "pet/item" This player built the world "Hell" from the ground up… But as he finished, a flock of evil Sirentists destroyed everything. (Fun fact: Siren actually has a toilet hut in the "Hell" world where all banned players go lol.) And with this final blow, .Rogue. Finally quit the game… With one request for another player be a new point of interest like him.... A young man named Shad. He was secretly a weasel. That's why.... He failed to tell The Court the truth about his estranged wife or the night of the murder. There was now way an impartial jury would find his story believable. Then there were the guns, the drugs, the kickbacks. What was he going to say now? As Shad testified his case, the jury has already set his stand of the case. The juror speaks, "I hereby declare the court case of Shad, he is...." A weirdo.. And Shad was sent to hell without parole, where he met Rogue.... and he Max Nutted. The End...Of Chapter Two.

Chapter Three:
Our Antiheroes find themselves stuck within Hell once again, building sections that would rival those of even axel.... But they stay strong, for both Shad and Rogue have never overcome such an obstacle in both of their pathetic lives! They fall on a pit filled with green Terrapi and brains, with only a cane to fight with Minutes upon to hours, they fought. Covered in… Terrapus droppings, and yes, lots of salt. It was so salty that the Dead Sea would be jealous So jealous in fact, that the Dead Sea incarnated itself as a human and started beating them up. Hence why we call the liquid in brain tanks "salty water". So a dead Terrapus replied "salty" as a cane flies towards its ****ing eyes As the terrapus catches our heroes off guard, it whistles for its friends. But then..... The Deepworld developer himself, Laurence dressed up in a bee costume from a party. Came and exiled… everyone from Hell, but not before passing around free gifts..... (What's surprising is that I got like 10 free onyx in stuff while in Hell lmao) These gifts included the first ever Mark 3 Weapons.. And an endless supply of steam jets..... Then he ded But Mike resurrected him, and with his steam jets he flew into space… And put spawns everywhere there, so he opened space biomes to the public… He built some ships and placed dungeon protectors so everyone could have steam jets Oops I forgot my ...... Oxygen tank, and IronManArcher's lifeless body drifted away in space, until..... A magical bean in space swooped in and saved him! She said… "Don't try this at home" "Daonate oar fase miiii rath!!!!! >:3" IronManArcher replied with a simple..... Smirk. He then said that he's selling noob costumes at the Tem Shoppe, and that the bean should..... stop saving puny humans and start working on making ocean biomes less laggy..... All but suddenly a wave of Apache gunships storms the sky to hunt down… The secret Shaping Gem of the Shifters so they could shapeshift into guards to steal the brass throne from the… Red Sea, but Yassin2014 came to save his own brass throne with giant black… Cat! Who gave everyone bad luck because it was Friday the 13th… But with enough bad luck something happened...... The Shifters returned! A war started between them and humanity, but humanity was losing. In a sudden turn of events..... However, since today was also the World Classico, unlucky day became football day and Messi kicked a giant football and destroyed the shiftmother, killing all the shifters, and so the humans used their shifting material as… Something to spice up their drink. Just a pinch of shifting material makes normal water taste like water mixed with shifting material. But the side effects include… Bloodthirst, nausea, lack of sleep, depression, and dementia. This also increases the risk of chronic..... les of narnia And max nutting. Lots of max nutting, The end of chapter three.

Chapter four:
Though humanity won the war with The Shifters, that was the least of their problems... Little did they know, a massive meteor was hurtling straight towards Earth! When it struck, it wiped out 90% of the human race. When the surviving humans recovered, their world was reduced to little but a wasteland. But that was not all... Strange creatures such as a 'terrapus' started to litter the world, along with mechanical machines that were everything but friendly. The remaining humans may have survived, but they were going to have to fight to keep it that way… So they did an amazing 720 degree front flip, breaking all known laws of physics and turning the world to a 2D world And because our anti-heroes were in hell, they survived the blow and found the way out through the crater of the meteor. Little did they know about all the.... Little did they know about all the Max Nutting him and his family were doing The End! ...of chapter 4. After our anti-heroes overcome all the max-nutting by sheer force, they made it to… A crashed Shifter ship and befriended the pilot. They then tried to escape because of the… because of all the max nutting, but they could not handle all of the intense..... Turbulence. They crashed again on the island... And Met Tom Hanks and his best friend, who was a volleyball... But once Wilson saw Shad, and realized that he was a weasel, he got spooked and hopped away. Shad then decided to sit down and have a good..... Rest, then he slept too much and started dreaming of standing in between hundreds of raging aliens riding on... The newly implemented trains, all shooting energy cannons mkiii... Started to backfire and crash starting a raging inferno and the best fireworks show of their lives until... He died. In the dream, of course. Once he woke up, he noticed.... that he max nutted in his dream.. (Lisa) If someone wants to copy and paste this into a thread in the off topic section feel free. It is going t have to be deleted here. It is much too long.... Oh NOOOOOOO..... The end... Of chapter four.

Chapter five:

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    After lots of max nutting...
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    The character known as 'Jacky' finally shut up about max nutting...
  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Member Posts: 1,817
    He then said "I'll be in the garage".
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSMember Posts: 1,821
    And jumped into oblivion, only to realize....
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    I appreciate that you put the he ded in the story

    *yes this is th continuation of ironmanarchers post*
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