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    TealHyena said:

    Deepworld: Operation Revival is coming up!
    This will be the first deepworld series to go up on my YouTube Channel, and I'm super excited to get this game some exposure.
    I wasn't going to go back to YouTube, but deepworld needs all the help it can get, so please come and hang out with us! I'll be recording my POV of this series for once!

    Zstorm's footage.
    So support a deepworld YouTuber, any one of us. It gets the game shown to more people!

    You're probably going to need a bit more than this. You'll need to grow more, AND you're going to have to spread the game wherever. Hell, 4chan works!
    Well, maybe not.
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    That's a trailer @Alphastorm , and besides, any audience is an audience that hasn't seen deepworld. Also. I do this because I like editing too haha.

    Edit: with multiple people doing this, (Zstorm, sheen) hopefully we can get at least a few players. I've already had one in game tell me that they play because of my videos to come.
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