My exo-torsos dissapeared

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I bought a mining pack and it was great and all but when I bought a brass exotorso It worked perfectly. Later when I logged out and logged back in My exo torso was gone. I thought that this happened only for the brass exotorso so I opened crown shop and this time I bought I bought an onyx exotorso. I logged out and logged back in but my onyx exotorso was gone. I bought a private mini world and a protecter after that. The protecter worked fine and the world was still there so I don't get what happened.

(EDIT: I am running deepworld on IOS)


  • superscarymoonsuperscarymoon Member Posts: 3
    btw heres a sceenshot of my world
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    1136 x 640 - 447K
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    Type /exo in the chat and it will appear as tabs.
  • superscarymoonsuperscarymoon Member Posts: 3
    k thx im such a noob
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