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Samurai Set Refund?

MartragonMartragon Member Posts: 28
Hello! So I had accidentally bought the samurai set and wasted 300 crowns, and I thought it was a good idea to refund it, could it be possible? If not I understand, but please answer so I know you read this, thanks alot! (Proof I have the Samurai mask)
2048 x 1536 - 3M


  • tjergoztjergoz Member Posts: 5,385
    You should mail the developers at deepworld@bytebin.com
  • TealHyenaTealHyena Hallucination Peak Mob FarmMember Posts: 551
    Why do so many people post on the forums about issues that only devs can fix? Email bytebin! We can’t do anything.
  • Shadow711Shadow711 Wherever the wind takes meMember Posts: 876
    Yes, email bytebin. I’ve done the exact same thing before and Lisa refunded it using her black magic. She’s amazing at what she does.
  • MartragonMartragon Member Posts: 28
    Sorry, I forgot that, thanks alot, I will delete this soon
  • Shadow711Shadow711 Wherever the wind takes meMember Posts: 876
    You can’t, unfortunately. Just stop commenting on it and it’ll slowly rot away.
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