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What should I work on?

toadlovertoadlover Applying Woturr to the Urrth, to prevent the Ayerr from stoking the Phyrre.Member, Arbiter Posts: 6,432
edited December 2017 in General
So, now that I have begun to ingrain myself back into the community, I had previously left with quite a handful of sizable projects left unfinished. After I finish my entry for the space base contest, I'd like to start getting back to work on some of those projects, and ultimately finishing them. With that, I'd like to hear what others think about the direction that I should go in and what you all would be the most interested in seeing reach completion. I would prefer to not start some completely new large project with these still on my plate, and any project that I could do elsewhere, I could possibly incorporate in some fashion into at least some of these projects. There are three main projects that I can think of, listed below with descriptions, progress and estimated completion, potential roadblocks/concerns.

1. Element Worlds (Urrth, Phyrre, Woturr, Ayerr)
Description - This is by far my largest project, with plans to make something grand and unique of each of the 4 worlds. Urrth is intended to be a massive world-wide build project, Phyrre a public pvp world, and Woturr a public trading world. The fate of Ayerr is still currently undetermined, and I am trying to come up with ideas for it. With the sheer scale of this project, I would have to set my focus one world at a time, which was pretty much was I was doing for the most part. I would probably focus on tackling Urrth first, followed by Phyrre, then Woturr, and then Ayerr.

Progress/completion - At the moment, the worlds with any sort of headway are Urrth and Phyrre. Urrth has quite a few decent structures, but is far from complete. I have quite literally scratched the surface, and have primarily made things only at or above the surface. There is quite a bit of room underground to build, in addition to some above ground projects that need finishing. Phyrre I would say is essentially done. I have created quite a few structures there, and it is now in the hands of the public to populate and use it (which unfortunately did not happen much). Woturr and Ayerr are pretty much untouched, short of going through and mining them out.

Concerns/roadblocks - This is an extremely costly project both in time and resources. This would essentially be small project after small project, and would still take months to see significant progress on the overall worlds. Additionally, I would have to come up with around 1300 crowns in order to make Woturr a market world, which is partially why that wouldn't be for a while. As theses are privately owned worlds, some of which with limited building access (namely Urrth), I would be building almost solely for my own enjoyment (which is completely fine, building should be fun), and few people would likely ever see some of the stuff that I would make.

2. Persephone's Garden
Description - Perhaps my magnum opus, I definitely treasure this build. While I would say the garden itself is complete, I had plans on adding more to the area, especially underground. I had claimed large chunks of Clearvale so that I could add more to the garden (like the Hades' Sanctum and the Skybridge). I still have quite a bit of space underground to build more things. I definitely do plan on finishing the connection between the garden and the sanctum, and I was getting very close to doing that.

Progress/completion - Don't misunderstand, Persephone's Garden itself is complete, and I have no current plans on adding to it directly besides finishing that connection to the sanctum. With that, I have no progress on any additional underground expansions to the overall structure that I have. I will need to come up with ideas of what to add as well. Overall, any projects that would be done would only take a matter of days-weeks to complete, especially with help.

Concerns/roadblocks - The only roadblock that I currently foresee is that I will have to come up with an idea(s) from scratch for what I will be adding on, but I have wanted to add more underground for a while.

3. Mistaketown Catacombs
Description - Near the end of my time before my leave, I had started a project in Mistaketown under my Pons de Monarch project . The project was to make a decent-sized puzzle (somewhere around mega-giga protector sized) that would involve the player going through old catacombs that tied in with surnames that players acquired through one of the android quests. A hope with the project is that should more android quests be added in the future, this puzzle may become a destination for a family-related quest.

Progress/completion - I had already had some help with researching the families (I would need to dig up that research so that I can use it again) for information. I already have a spot set up, and had begun making a structure of the catacombs (or at least a portion, depending on how big I want to make it). Like other puzzles, I would have to go through an think up/engineer whatever puzzles are going into it (likely 8 small/medium puzzles, one for each family). Help coming up with puzzles may be nice, as they are usually more intensive, and can take a lot of time to make and troubleshoot/ensure that there are no exploits.

Concerns/roadblocks - Besides older players like myself, who here has actually heard of the world, Mistaketown or had visited it any time in even the last few years? The answer is probably no to at least one of those. My main concern would be putting in such effort into a relatively undeveloped world, only for it to be forgotten by all in the future because there is no other reason to draw people there.

What should I work on? 17 votes

Element Worlds (Urrth, Phyrre, Woturr, Ayerr)
AquaPhynnPIPTR0TealHyenaBrainGamerAthena_Brainstorm_ 6 votes
Persephone's Garden
tjergozThe_MarauderChicken 3 votes
Mistaketown Catacombs
DaltsAlphastormChatotTheParrotvmh20Bastian7DetechFrostyRhinoClaw 8 votes


  • DaltsDalts Loading...Member Posts: 562
    edited December 2017
    Mistaketown Catacombs
    I like puzzles.
    Edited to add: very much.
    Post edited by Dalts on
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 4,048
    Element Worlds (Urrth, Phyrre, Woturr, Ayerr)
    I remember these, gimme more of them!
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Member Posts: 731
    edited December 2017
    Scrolls through the writing and checks comments to write something useful to get closer to a comment badge
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaMember Posts: 1,844
    Mistaketown Catacombs
    Toadlover, welcome back to DW!
    Love the idea of Mistake Town!
    I think the element names are easy to mix up, would recomend rethinking them.
  • RhinoClawRhinoClaw HellMember Posts: 143
    Mistaketown Catacombs
    Detech said:

    Toadlover, welcome back to DW!
    Love the idea of Mistake Town!
    I think the element names are easy to mix up, would recomend rethinking them.

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