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How did Deepworld get it's name?

Menocraft191Menocraft191 Porterville, CaliforniaPosts: 102Member
Guys have any speculations? Im interested in the name and want to know more.


  • FrostyFrosty In your closet...Posts: 426Member
    There many worlds and you mine deep. Duh.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 1,364Member
    Well... it’s a


    Get it?
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member
    Because each world has a lot of space, so it’s deep

    There’s a deep meaning behind this
  • racerdogracerdog Posts: 150Member
    It's an acronym for Lord Dweep, a famous victorian era spelunker. He set off on a mission to reach the center of the Earth and was never heard from again.
  • LilyabcLilyabc Kpop?Posts: 999Member
    Cause they wanted to name it Deepworld. Duhhh
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