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[ OPEN ] ♫ Crown Sale! ♪ Crown Sale! ♪ Will there be a Crown Sale!? ♫

VengeVenge Not from Earth, I think...Posts: 440Member
So, will there be a Crown Sale? I can't wait to spend my $100 on Crowns!

Please let there be a Crown Sale at the New Years, please!



  • MihirGamesMihirGames Hiding from the supernova in spacePosts: 270Member
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 8,986Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    For some reason, it seems like the devs like to put up crown sales some time BEFORE things like holidays or major updates. Prices are ALWAYS back to normal during the events and implementations themselves. I always wonder if this is based on some weird market strategy, like, once the new stuff is out (or the holidays are here), people will be so desperate for it that they'll be willing to pay full price.

    When the space biome came out, I would've happily splurged for the 8000 crowns package so I could buy a bunch of worlds. But I wasn't going to pay the same amount of money for 1000 fewer crowns by buying two of the 3500 crowns packs.
  • VengeVenge Not from Earth, I think...Posts: 440Member
    Well last year I was going to buy thy the 50$ crowns, but it seem it was change to 100$. So this year I have prepared at most 100$ in case such thing happen again. Anyway, once I bought the crowns, I can finally reach Onyx Moon as well so win-win for me. IF!!! If there is a crown sale...
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