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What annoys PC players the most

IMaTunaFaceXDIMaTunaFaceXD Posts: 74Member
edited December 2017 in Gripes and Grins

What annoys PC players the most 22 votes

1 block hole
AuraBloonsminevmh20BrainGamerJackyMenocraft191Yeongyul 7 votes
AuraZacywackoElectroxRhinoClaw 4 votes
Aura 1 vote
Switching between menus
Aura 1 vote
Forgetting to press “t” to type and opening random menus
AuraDaCreatorTealHyenaLilyabc 4 votes
Not being able to dance
AuraChatotTheParrotHydroblade29TishkuUmid 5 votes


  • JusticeGamingJusticeGaming Doing cool programming thingsPosts: 1,016Member
    Where's the "literally everything" category at.
  • ZacywackoZacywacko MemberPosts: 1,150Member
    The pvp is actually pretty good on pc, if you exclude the slowness.

    This list is missing a lot of stuff.
  • ChatotTheParrotChatotTheParrot Preferably a tree. A high tree.Posts: 705Member, Arbiter
    Not being able to dance
    Private messages have been my bane.
  • BrainGamerBrainGamer CanadaPosts: 518Member
    1 block hole
    Takes me 10 trys to get in a hole
  • AuraAura EnglandPosts: 5,075Member, Arbiter
    edited December 2017
    Not being able to dance
    The whole game feels clunky. iOS is super smooth, then you go to PC and then end up slower, can't jump, have completely different unit collision, opening menus is awkward, scrolling through menus is a chore, you lose out on features of the game such as emotes and butler bots, and mining becomes super annoying because you either stay zoomed out and find mining awkward, or zoom in and lose out on having higher vision...

    ETA: Also, 1 block holes would be impossible for me to go through without my exo stomp.
  • vmh20vmh20 Minneapolis, MinnesotaPosts: 879Member
    1 block hole
  • FrostyFrosty In your closet...Posts: 426Member
    The perception is great, but when it comes to jumping in a hole... let's just not go there...
  • CattsworthCattsworth Nowhere. Or Dead.Posts: 769Member
    All I'd like is for the major known issues in the beta info tab, (that were supposed to be "fixed up over the next several weeks,") to be added. Specifically the butler bots and emotes.
  • IMaTunaFaceXDIMaTunaFaceXD Posts: 74Member
    Frosty said:

    The perception is great, but when it comes to jumping in a hole... let's just not go there...

    I agree, the tip I learned is try flying over the hole for some reason when you fly your avatar goes to the nearest block
  • Menocraft191Menocraft191 Porterville, CaliforniaPosts: 102Member
    1 block hole
    /\ It hurts...
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