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The war between Growtopia and Deepworld

LostSoul_0LostSoul_0 Member Posts: 2
Why do people have to argue about which game is better? Why argue about which game is better? If you don’t like a game, DON’T PLAY IT! Most Deepworld players would think that Growtopia sucks. But I play Growtopia and it’s actually a great game. I looked at the preview pictures on the AppStore and it looked pretty lame, but when I installed it and tried it, I loved it so much and it is one of my favourite games now. Deepworld is cool too. You get to build worlds and visit worlds created by other players. It’s just sad for the devs of Growtopia to see that you guys are posting these useless descriptions of Growtopia online, saying how bad the game is. Keep your opinion to yourself! If people search “Growtopia,” “Is Growtopia good,” or “What is Growtopia,” They would see your opinions on your game, some saying that “Growtopia sucks.” If you think a game is lame, don’t tell others it’s lame, because you’re just wasting time. Some may think it’s good, while other’s think it’s bad. Please just stop, it’s unfair for Growtopia’s developers.


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