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Scammers "We all Hate Them"

DuckysOnQuackDuckysOnQuack Posts: 16Member
Now this guy has 3 accts and scams with them okay right now you are all saying im lying right why would be lying about a guy scamming ?
Well i dont surpport scamming...

Lets Start tell the story...

So i Was in times Square when got scammed So i was asking people if they buy an Onyx compressor Yes i'm an idiot but he was saying for itunes Gift Voucher >>>> Okay so i said i dont go first because i got scammed many times before then i ask You first and he kept saying no so then i started trusting him now im so retarded but i gave first then he gave me a itunes and i tried to use it but it didn't work so then i kept asking politely can i please have my onyx compressor back but then he kept saying no and Fak Fak over and over it When on for 6-7 time now i can't show picture for private messaging because it was a while ago but im Just going to list his names so be careful everyone


These are his accounts so be careful Please dont scam and speak the truth thanks for Reading ... :)


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