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Leaving For a Bit

JusticeGamingJusticeGaming Doing cool programming thingsPosts: 1,016Member
I recently started picking Deepworld back up again once I saw it was actually getting updates, and it was a little fun but the amount of bugs the PC version of Deepworld has makes it all but unplayable. Most the dungeons can't be raided and it's just not that fun anymore trying to bypass all these bugs.

My reason for going back to taking a break mostly has to do with how unplayable Deepworld is at the moment, that and how overall communication and what not has panned out over the years. A great current example of this is the interview which was just forgot about after the admins said they would do it. The word soon is like an empty promise a good chunk of the time and I just don't feel comfortable playing a game that is in a state where it allows for that kind of environment. I respect the admins and developers of Deepworld very much and I've stuck close to this game for many years, I applaud you all for continuing work on this game while also taking side jobs, it's nice to see this project wasn't abandoned and probably won't be anytime soon. I may pop in for the next big update, but most likely unless it is game changing I probably won't be showing my face around here for a while. With that means a halt on my fan made game and YouTube channel. I will pick them back up when I return, but for now I will let them sit to gather dust.
I just don't feel a very strong will to continue playing this game at the current time and the inactivity and lack of response given to people by admins and developers is unnerving sometimes, the word soon is thrown around like it is nothing and the PC version just feels unplayable at the current time.

I plan to continue working on separate projects and putting my focus back into my final semester of senior year, and at the current state of things I don't see a reason to keep Deepworld on my list of things to take up time. Again this isn't so much a permanent goodbye, but more of a temporary farewell until something new pops up.

Anyways, thanks for being a kind community and sticking around to see this game through to the end! See ya guys.


  • FrostyFrosty In your closet...Posts: 426Member
    Damn, hate to see you go. Can’t wait till you come back. Farewell! :smile:
  • ChatotTheParrotChatotTheParrot Preferably a tree. A high tree.Posts: 705Member, Arbiter
    Hope your studies go well!
  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Posts: 1,818Member
    Farewell to you. Take the long road forward and you’ll graduate in no time.
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,847Member
    Stay out of debt!
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Posts: 1,211Member
    I close my eyes, only for a moment
    And the moment's gone
    All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
    Dust in the wind
    All they are is dust in the wind
    Same old song, just a drop of water
    In an endless sea
    All we do crumbles to the ground
    Though we refuse to see
    Dust in the wind
    All we are is dust in the wind...
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