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Jokes vs Quotes

ChickenChicken Member Posts: 1,359
edited January 2018 in Off-Topic
Hello off-topic. Nice to see you.

Some of you might see the jokes on my wall. Some of them are pretty funny. Heh. BUTT I don’t get much of a reaction, which worries me. I recently had the idea to change it up a bit.

QUOTES! That’s right. I find an inspirational quote or picture and put it on my wall once a day. Now, I personally love the jokes. BUTT I put them on my wall for you weirdos. So it all comes down to what you guys want. Because why not.

So. Vote please.
If you say A little bit of both...saying when I should switch would be nice.
If you say Other than please comment what you want me to put on my wall. Just don’t put memes. That’s taken.

Jokes vs Quotes 3 votes

Keep the jokes
Do Inspirational Quotes
A little bit of both (go back and forth)
Lilyabc_Brainstorm_ 2 votes
Other (comment)
Nobody likes you. Go away.
I love you so much!
Chicken 1 vote


  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 4,048
    edited January 2018
    A little bit of both (go back and forth)
    Your jokes extremely suck
    Your quotes are in luck
    But do what you want, I don’t give a fut
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