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It is getting harder and harder, every day I wake up, the same, gray creature that appears across my vision, I clear my mind and assure myself that it is nothing, but when I rub my eyes and clear my vision, I could still see his red eyes behind my closet, as if he is watching me... it has been 10 days ever since, ever since he has appeared in my life. . .

I can now write in my diary, I am starting to lose connection with him now, whenever I do something that upsets him, he does not react, as if he no longer watches me.. although that should reassure me that he is out of my life once and for all, some eerie feel strikes me, I can feel that he is only waiting for something to happen... I am frightened, I did not expect that to happen when I approach one meme, one. (REDACTED). meme.

It all started one rainy day in August, I was feeling depressed for a reason which I can not figure out, I tried texting my friends, and that me feel even worse... my girlfriend broke up with me, after we have been in love for 4 years, I still love her, she left me because of a text argument... then, I got sent my grades, (REDACTED) as (REDACTED), I’ll show them to my parents later, I don’t really need more pressure now... and at this moment, I tried texting my girlfriend to apologize, but my iPad ran out of battery!I was ready to cry, but then I remember what made me feel happy every time this happens; reading jokes and watching memes, I turned on my very old PC device I got from my father as a child, It was dusty, but surprisingly worked, i turned the internet on and looked for memes, as I scrolled, finding no good memes, I came across this meme.. it was so funny, that I burst laughing, I almost choked to death, as I rolled on the floor laughing, then I fainted afterwards, from excess laughing and lack of oxygen.
When I woke up, I felt thirsty, I went to the kitchen to drink some water and saw a letter my parents left me; “Travelling to Aunt Lola’s, we didn’t want to wake you up because you looked tired, Be back in 2 weeks *wink* take care of yourself and don’t eat too much candy!”
“Great, at least we have a temporary solution to my grades.” I thought
At that moment, I went to my room, as I touched the door knob to get in, I felt my hand being pushed away, I struggled to open the door.. to no avail, after a while, I was able to enter, I closed the door behind me, and as I sat on my chair in front of my computer, I found that the computer was turned off, I stood to try and check the problem with the computer, I was shocked to find a strange force forcing me to sit, my chair was pulled towards the middle of the room, I struggled to stand, I was frightened! I tried shouting, but there was nobody a mile around me, just as I was getting dragged, I found my baseball bat, I held it, swinging at the air and saying “Whoever you think you are, ghost, spirit, alien, government, the devil himself... I am not afraid!” Although my expression and face clearly hinted otherwise, then, a creature started to appear... it looked like a ghost with a fat body, it seemed to have an indefinite shape, it was dark gray, it had fierce red eyes, and teeth longer than my fingers, it was almost twice my size, it.. more precisely he, started to talk to me, “You...” he said. “You are not old enough to be reading these memes, you do realize you read an 18+ meme?”
“Who follows those instructions” I said quickly, trying to show self-confidence.
“This... is not our matter” he said, and showed me his sharp teeth, he held my face, his nails were painful and left scars on my face
“You must find a meme tomorrow,” it said, with a terrifying voice that almost pushed me off my chair (although I was stuck) “good or not, you must post that meme on 5 discord servers, if that does not happen, you will forever live a white mouse with cancer.”

I chuckled secretly, thinking it was an easy challenge, I went right away to find a meme, and sent it to five servers as I was asked.
The following night, I went to sleep... only to wake up in the middle of the ocean! “It must be a dream” I thought, a shark came out of the ocean, a very large, gray shark with fierce red eyes, with sharp teeth longer than my fingers, I looked for something to fight it off with, I found a paddler and started to smack the shark, it ate it and within seconds it grabbed onto my arm! It didn’t feel like a dream, the pain was real, the suffer was real, the blood felt real, the damage dealt, real. I tried shouting, screaming, but my vocal cords would not react... the shark opened its large mouth, its tongue twisted and twirled into strange shapes, and an indefinite shape was formed from the tongue.. “You must,” it said. “You must find 3 memes tomorrow, and send them to 5 discord servers, each, or else you will forever live a white mouse with cancer”
It was gone, everything was gone, I woke up, almost catching a glimpse of the figure of HIM, but it disappears, I rub my eyes and get up, seeing his eyes hidden in my closet, I never gathered the strength to open the closet, so then, I went to get a drink, I fill my cup with water, I look into the glass and see myself blurry, not sure if that is natural or not, I never noticed myself in a cup of water.”
I returned to my room and sent the 3 memes, I felt happy this time, people liked my memes, and so I left the house to take a walk..
There, in the city, I saw her, she looked at me for a second, and then looked away, I am sure that I still loved her, but I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to think more about it, I tried to go to her, but I... couldn’t. I kept walking and met my friends, together we talked, joked, and enjoyed some time... I never told them about the creature, it was for the best.
I returned home late at night, my door was pushed open before I touched it, and slammed shut behind me, I was pushed on the floor by... nothing. The room darkened, and darkened, I could barely see anything, HE appeared, and kicked me in my stomache, and again he kicked me, I started to scream, “WHAT THE (REDACTED)?” I shouted.
Once again I was kicked, blood came out of my mouth, I dragged myself at the corner of the room, HE stood against me and showed me his teeth, I could have sworn I saw his eyes turn into some darker orange shade, but then it returned within a second to its fierce red color, HE looked at me, and threw me onto the chair
I quickly dragged myself to my old computer, I found that one of the memes was only posted on four servers! I quickly fixed my mistake.


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    He took a knife out, and carved an I on my face, below a “III” mark that existed from a previous encounter, it made me feel that I didn’t have that many chances left in my life..
    HE disappeared and I decided to go to sleep after washing my face and trying to calm my stomache down from all the vomiting and blood, I slept the day quickly, although I caught glimpse of HIM a few times before going to sleep, one time before I went to sleep, I found him coming closer to me gradually, I believe we almost touched right before I fell asleep.
    This time, I was in a court, there were judges, lawyers, people, lions in a cage, the judges were angry, the lawyers were angry, the people were angry, the lions were hungry, “Mister Kyle Taylor Hummingbird” the judge called, “you are being tried...” said the middle judge, as his eyes turned red. “... for being...” then his skin became gray, he became dead in appearance.. “(REDACTED)ING IGNORANT!”
    The people started making noise as if I was a murderer, I couldn’t understand or remember half of the talk in the dream, I don’t even know how my mind could create a dream, I don’t even remember reading a book about law. Then, a girl entered the courtroom, she was beautiful, I could tell who she is by her long, black hair...
    “Your honor,” she said, it was her! July! The girl I love! “I am here in defense of Mr.Hummingbird.”
    “Begin your (REDACTED)” Said the judge.
    “The papers I have here prove that it was accident, he obviously did not mean to forget to post a meme in a server, he is a teenager, you know irresponsible teenagers.”
    The judges nodded, except the middle one, I felt happy because I was being saved, and angry because my crush is calling me an irresponsible teenager.
    After some argument which, once again, I could not comprehend, the judge said “But the official law here says that whoever has been admitted into the Pact of Agur and has failed to fulfill a task will be punished, accident or not... your defendant has failed his task for the first time, and he is sentenced to forever become a MOUSE!”
    A large knife was preparing the impale my shoulder, I looked around me in fear, and started to scream, later my screaming became squeaking, and before the knife touched my body, the judge came up to me, showed me his teeth, looked into me very closely, and said angrily “12 memes tomorrow, on 5 servers, or forever you will be a white mouse with cancer...”

    I quickly woke up, I saw HIM even closer than ever when I did, I tried to look closer, but he disappeared within a second of me waking up, I couldn’t even tell if he is real or not, but I could still see his eyes within the closet
    I rubbed my eyes, and washed my face, I could not see my face in the mirror, but I looked into my hands and found my fingers to be smaller, I saw a tail behind my back! I tried to scream, but instead of screaming, came squeaking.”
    There was somebody ringing my doorbell, I was scared, I didn’t want anyone to see me like this, what if my parents were home? I went to get the door, “Who?” I said gently, to avoid squeaking, it appeared to be..”


    (If I forgot to replace a bad word with REDACTED, please tell me, I’m writing this on an adult forum)
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,702
    “July, did you really forget my voice so quickly?” What could she have been doing here at this time?
    “J-July.. hi.. why did you come here?” I replied a moment later
    “Don’t be like that,” she said. “I’m sorry, okay? Let me in, we need to talk.”
    “I can’t..” I said. “I.. I just can’t...”
    “Why not, Kyle? Can’t you look into my eyes once more? I said things to hurt you that day, but you told me things that went equally as deep! Please, let me in, we need to talk!”
    I hesitated, but repeated my rejection shortly afterwards
    “... I love you Kyle...” she said, with a broken voice, at this moment, tears were rolling down my cheeks, I held my tail and rubbed it with my hands, I waited to see if she’d say something else, but all I heard was breathing, my heart was beating quickly, the force that still binds our hearts together and her words made me unable to refuse a request from her
    “I’m... I’ll...” I was just about to let her in, but then, HE came back, he looked angrier than ever, he silently came to me very quickly, he held my mouth and pulled me towards the room, I struggled more than ever, I didn’t want to leave her on the door like that..
    At this moment, I was in my room, the door was shut at a great force, that I almost thought July would have heard the door getting slammed like that...
    After panicking some more, and screaming angry curses at him, I opened my eyes, HE was bigger than always, his eyes were not the same red, but a sharper shade, maybe blood red, but I was never really a color guy.
    HE held my shoulders, HE put his head on mine, and I saw black steam coming out of his ears into mine.. I was filled with dread, I fell on the floor, unable to move, I tried crawling, I crawled all day to reach my computer, it took me almost as much time dragging myself up the chair, I found a glass of water placed for me, I drunk from it and found myself feeling healthier, but somehow only more dreaded... I looked at the time, it was 11:49 PM, I had only a few minutes to find 12 memes, so I looked quickly, the speed made me get just anything I encountered, and I posted them where I should, I had five minutes to check whether something was missing, and afterwards, I checked my messages, “10 hours ago, July” was one of the messages, I checked that message,
    “Kyle, answer me, I’ve been waiting for you to speak for the past 10 minutes, what’s wrong with you?”
    Two minutes later,
    “Alright, I’m going home, waiting for a reply from you.”
    Almost half an hour later,
    “Fine, be that way, I never want to talk to you, ever again! Forget that I ever existed!”

    I tried to reply, but just then, I found that she blocked me... I was devastated, just then i noticed how hungry I was, how tired, how weak I felt, I threw myself into bed and went to sleep, only crying more, for the loss of my loved one, and for knowledge that HE will appear to me once again in my dreams, I didn’t expect to sleep that day, and so it happened, I stayed up until dawn, then I felt something touching my wrists, I then felt faint, I don’t remember anything afterwards, perhaps I saw HIM, but maybe i didn’t... I don’t know, but what I can be sure of... is that I went to sleep, once again, to prepare for another dreadful day, full of depression...

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    I felt more sunk into my dream than ever, I could barely think or use my brain very much, I barely remembered anything that happened in my dream, but maybe I’ve seen a meme or two come to life and play with me... with their disturbing, painful way like the previous dreams.
    I also remembered that I needed to get 20 memes, I felt darker today, and I had more than one reason to believe that I’m mentally ill, I realized that this went out of hand, and that I can’t post memes forever, at this rate, maybe I’ll be asked for a thousand, or maybe even a million memes in a few weeks... I tried to go outside again, but every time I went towards the door, I had a stomachache and I fell to the floor, ultimately leading me to walk back to my room.
    I looked in the fridge, expecting to find it empty, I found quite a few cans of canned food, I could have sworn the fridge was empty yesterday..

    I had lunch and went to search for memes, my mind was arguing with itself about whether I should stand up to HIM or not, whether I should give up... I did not want to live in pain forever, and so, I posted the 19th meme, and before copying the final one, I looked below my feet, I stared around for a while, with a sharp look, then I said “No...” in a low voice.

    I heard the sounds of breathing behind the closet, “No” I repeated, with more confidence and a higher voice. The breathing got heavier, and so I got up from my chair, stood in front of the closet, my self-confidence almost taking me, I shouted “NO!”

    I felt my body tremble, something touching my shoulders, air blowing into my face, once again I repeated my expression, adding; “I am NOT your slave, you worthless thing! And if you think I will forever be und~”

    I was pushed to the ground, but I continued. “... If you think I will forever be under your control, you are wrong! I have all the right to live my life, I am free to love a girl and let her in on my secrets, I am free to hang out with my friends, I am free to go outside, I am free to eat what I want, and I am FREE to DISAGREE with what you are doing to me!”

    I was now tossed into the wall, falling into my bed, my nose was bleeding and I started to cough.

    “I don’t know where you came from, and I don’t know where you will take me on from this moment, you know what? Turn me into a mouse, a rat, give me cancer, give me AIDs if you want to, I will no longer be your puppet!”

    HE came out, looking sharper than ever, he stared at me with his sharp red eyes and held my neck, I continued to stare into his eyes, he threw me at the opposite wall and picked me up again, I continued to stare at him, for a last time, he threw me into the ceiling, I fell down, not owning the power to stand up or even sit, but I still hardly looked up, and I managed to persist with my stare... his eyes started turning orange, and his expression grew less sharp, he went into the closet right away, I dragged myself into the closet, but I couldn’t make it, I fainted after a few minutes, and woke up later at night, i attended to my own injuries, and then fell asleep again, waking up the next morning...

    The next few days were not too interesting, he did not appear in my dreams too much, and I continued to decline his orders, I got hit, but he didn’t further turn me into a mouse, I felt my tail disappear, and my squeaking fade away.... I felt relaxed, my leg was broken though and I had to wait a while before it got better.

    “It is getting harder and harder, every day I wake up, the same, gray creature that appears across my vision, I clear my mind and assure myself that it is nothing, but when I rub my eyes and clear my vision, I could still see his red eyes behind my closet, as if he is watching me... it has been 10 days ever since, ever since he has appeared in my life. . .

    I can now write in my diary, I am starting to lose connection with him now, whenever I do something that upsets him, he does not react, as if he no longer watches me.. although that should reassure me that he is out of my life once and for all, some eerie feel strikes me, I can feel that he is only waiting for something to happen... I am frightened, I did not expect that to happen when I approach one meme, one. (REDACTED)ing. meme.”

    We are back to this point, my leg was better, but I felt weak, I spent the next few days without extra food, HE didn’t bring food for me anymore, but this time, I was well enough to go and buy a meal.

    I couldn’t find any friends anywhere, and I saw no sign of July, I just stayed in the park, I couldn’t go home, I sat at a bench there, feeding the birds from my leftovers of the food I bought, and when night fell, I fell asleep in the park, I did not see HIM, nor any track of HIM, I felt comfortable, and I had good dreams for the night...

    Until at about 3 AM! I was awoken by wild barking, I was surrounded by dogs! Strange, large dark gray dogs with bloody teeth and red eyes, around 6 of them, surrounded my bench, I stood over the bench, holding a stick, and hoping I won’t die... however...

    to be continued...

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