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Deepworld Lore Stories

IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,808Member
Hello! In this discussion I will be typing up a thorough compilation of the lore I’ve found hiding around in the wiki. I’ll also be creating it with two of my made up companies, and with more detail. I may also create a small story series about people fighting to survive in the wasteland. Enjoy!

Normal Version:
Once upon a time... actually, no. Jerome ran up the stairs, hoping to catch the, eh, this just needs to be the facts. No fancy intros. Human kind was struggling to hang on. Wars are waging, glob- uh, it was hot, and factories were polluting the air. You see, the people of Earth were trying to be the first to create the best robot, more an android than a robot, and perhaps be the first to discover how to create artificial life. New weapons were being created, old ones forgotten and labeled as useless, and they thought it was time to move on. The World’s Fair was coming up, and everyone wanted to be the best. Of course, there was also the incentive that the Earth was dying. The thought that this would be the last World’s Fair fueled the fire for inventions. One inventor, who we’ll call Bleep until the Detailed Version, discovered a strange material: beryllium. This stone was dubbed the “scientist’s best friend”, for its uses in engineering reigned supreme over the metals of the past. Bleep thought, “Hey, I wonder what else we can do with this other than make fancy clocks”. He and his team of engineers and scientists worked hard, studying and testing with beryllium, until they created the first portal. They got excited, of course, and celebrated too early. Their device wasn’t fully completed yet, full of flaws and shorts, but they decided to test it anyway. Eh, I’m just going to throw in some names and see if they stick. Doctor Zeuron, the inventor of the world’s first spawn portal, had a thirst for power. He turned it on during night, when all his workers were gone. “RIVUX Corp. will finally have a spot in history. This day shall be remembered!” he shouted for no good reason. With a flick of a switch, the lab was gone. But within the fiery crater where it used to be, the portal still stood. In the morning, the paramedics found Zeuron clutching something in near his chest. A leather satchel, containing a vial of red liquid and one of blue, was later locked up in a secure vault. Nobody knew where Zeuron went, but he kept repeating the same sentence over and over again, “Diablo is watching, Almira is coming, steel is refined, and so are his swords”. By the time they got him to talk, he died. The only things he said were about blueprints near the portal. A RIVUX special forces team was sent into the portal, and only one survived. He relayed the story, “We were attacked by these things... like people, but deformed and with thorns all over, and then there was this other one, black and red and black and red...”. He died that night. Several more teams were sent through the portal, all with the same results. When the RIVUX staff checked around the portal, all they found were more vials of the blue substance. No more red, though. Some people sent a camera through the portal, and were amazed at what they saw. Magma, crackled stone, and deformed people torturing what looked like glowing people. One of the staff members recognized one of the normal beings as one of their family members, which confirmed the greatest fear rising among the company: they had discovered the underworld. But, under the blue vials, there was Zeuron’s notebook. It explained the wonders of the blue liquid... ectoplasm. With the graceful movements of mercury, the ghost juice could have probably passed for light blueberry juice, if blueberries glowed and sloshed around like beads. The notebook also explained what it could do. When placed with the correct metals, and powered with the correct power, it could, perhaps, create artificial life. The notes were not in Zeuron’s handwriting, so the workers wondered who—or what—wrote them. Fast forward a bit, RIVUX had used the blue ectoplasm to do wonderous things. They created pets for the stay at home mom. They created security bots for building and protecting, and most importantly, the android everyone has been waiting for. Capable of speech, solving puzzles, and even coming up with its own jokes (which has now been proved to be false), this was the perfect invention. The company had come far in a year, and the World’s Fair was coming up fast. But, what next? RIVUX had gotten their perfect bot. What more could they do? Aha. Squash the competition. Their rival, Valitech, was coming up close behind them. Somehow using beryllium, the brilliant scientists over there had created steam-powered robots. Not quite making their own decisions, but getting there. RIVUX thought that if Valitech could use steam to powet things, so could they. It turned out steam was the last key element to unlocking the ectoplasm’s true power, and RIVUX began construction on the grand finale. But there was something missing... the notebook said something about ectoplasm being able to sustain the human brain without help from other organs or minerals. So testing began! Volunteers eager to become the next generation of pollution-resistant humans rushed to the opportunity. Their brains were harvested and thrown into a solution to keep them alive until testing on a later date. When that day arrived, Professor Bernard, one of Valitech’s ectoplasm researchers, discovered RIVUX’s plans. He rushed to try to stop them, for the results could be catastrophic, but his efforts were useless. Testing had begun, and passed. With steam thrusters and tentacles, these new humans would be perfect for the Fair. On the day of the fair, some of the brains grew larger. Then larger. Then so large that they had to switch tanks! The largest of them took up a whole room, and needed tubs and tubs of the solution to keep the brain from rotting. Some of the brains got a little aggressive in the tent, but RIVUX thought it was just nervousness. They could not understand the pain of the solution. It was so itchy! So... weakening! But the brains seemed to have lost their way of communication. All they could muster through their tentacles were small hisses and screeches, but they were strapped down when they did that. When the Fair finally opened, something happened. The largest brain smashed through ths beryllium infused bars, and started throwing peopld all around the area. The security members tried to stop it, but they were seized by the smaller brains. The brains all escaped to the portal, and from there started to weaponize themselves and discover more about the portal. The large brain kept growing, and it dwarfed a skyscraper now! The brains needed to do something with their leader, and fast. The humans didn’t understand that the tanks and the solution were only necessary for movement, so the large brain’s tank was removed. But what else could they do? Wait, they have a portal, and a giant brain that could work out some of the hardest problems. A device was created that created a whole new dimension for the large brain, later being known as the “brain world”. The brains captured humans to be turned into servants for their master, and the eldest brains grew with the ranks their lord gave to them. Other than a small resistance saving each other from being captured, there was nothing to stop the brains from stealing Valitech space technology. They equipped themselves with the tech, and upgraded some transport zeppelins to survive space. I’ll cover the rest of space later, because this thing already huge.

@mikelaurence how did I do figuring out the story? Did I miss anything besides terrapi?


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,808Member
    I may not be the best ingame builder... but boy can I build a story! And legos...
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 752Member
    I remember a lot of ‘deepworld dating’ anyone who knows Fashion Show would know
  • LilyabcLilyabc Kpop?Posts: 1,001Member
    Thats a lot of stuff to read...
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,808Member
    mofc1991 said:

    I remember a lot of ‘deepworld dating’ anyone who knows Fashion Show would know

    What does that have to do with anything?
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