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My account being muted after being scammed

After being scammed, by another player who said he has a free code that has 3000 crowns, I started to believe it. So he asked me to give him all of my rare stuff for free. I think his name was along the lines of gabriel15. After I gave him free stuff, in an instant, he muted me and left, saying that he needed to check his email. I would like to request the Deepworld admins to unmute me, Manalili123, and I would like to report gabriel15 for scamming.


  • MemesterDeemsterMemesterDeemster Making Memes in AntarticaPosts: 32Member
    edited April 2018
    Im very sorry to hear this happen :(
    Heres a way I don't get scammed and a very harsh truth
    "Nothing is free in life" -Me̶m̶e̶ also well you'll have to deal with the harsh truth that you probably won't get your account back...
    If you do thats amazing!
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