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Tellurion 2nd floor, livestreamed

EverywhenEverywhen Join the DW discord: 5,124Member, Moderator, Arbiter

Hi everyone, another Deepworld video from me where I build Tellurion's second floor, feat some non functioning steam jets (help me @IronManArcher)

Please check it out and if you have any ideas for Deepworld Challenges, let me know!

I'm going to also work on a better streaming time, as today's stream was more of an interwebs test.


  • ChatotTheParrotChatotTheParrot Preferably a tree. A high tree.Posts: 706Member, Arbiter
    Steam jets don't have animation on windows. Nice work tho!
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,879Member
    Steam jets don’t have animations anywhere, and they only turn on IOS. Anyways, STEEAM JETAS? STARM JEETS?!? DJXIDKWBSKDBEBDKSHSHAHSTESMAHRJDBDNSIE
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