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Remember me?

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Hello. Just popped on out of curiosity. Anybody remember me? I'm surprised so many of you still play the game...

How're your doing, @vmh20, @lilroller717 , @BrainGamer , @Brainstorm, @Chicken, @IronManArcher, @Governor, @Igneelsane , @_Brainstorm_ , @AMWhy, @llmmzz , @Lexus1, @racerdog and @anybodyelseIvemissed (I'm surprised how many names I remember after like 3 years)

Do you all hate me? Miss me? How's All In One doing? How's the new space biome?

Also a few questions I've spotted on the forums which I'm going to answer...

1) http://forums.deepworldgame.com/discussion/comment/403034#Comment_403034 This post is a complete lie.

2) I was planning to take a break from the game anyway, then I was rude to @Gilby who ran to @lisa, who muted me. I then requested for the mute time to be reduced, and @lisa (in my opinion very unfairly) escalated it to a perma ban.

3) Both my forums account and in-game account were banned, so all my items were lost (Yeah...everybody in the donators hall must hate me for practically throwing away their items like that. Sorry @lilroller717 especially...I genuinely do feel bad)

4) Now here comes something I'd never told anybody, mainly because I had a fear of being banned (ironic, huh?). I was actually only 11 when I built All In One and got to know everybody. Funny - people seemed to think I was 16 or 17 years old.

5) Crystals were actually one of my least favourite items. I found them quite boring - much preferred exciting and unique items like Airship In A Bottle and Globe...

6) I'm pretty sure I had one of the only "Decayed Scaffolding", "Iron Ore", and "Copper Ore" blocks in the game - so those were lost too...

Don't know why I decided to post this. I doubt anybody even remembers me...although Deepworld was practically my life then so...


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSMember Posts: 2,036
    0) Welcome back! We all missed you. I was going to make a post about how much I missed all of the banned players I knew, but then I thought it would be a little weird so I didn't.

    1) Memes! How dare you! I actually never saw that discussion. Whoops.

    2) Lisa! How dare you!

    3) ...steam jets...

    4) You wouldn't get banned. It's a very nice world, and you're a very nice player.

    5) Well, GLOBEKING or AIRSHIPINABOTTLEKING don't sound as cool.

    6) Hmm... maybe if Lisa brings you back when she's brought back, she could also restore your items. I've heard inventories are never lost, and that they're just buried in the files somewhere.

    Great seeing you again!
  • vmh20vmh20 Minneapolis, MinnesotaMember Posts: 847
    edited May 19
    Hey! @_CRYSTAL_KING_ ! It’s hard to ever forget you at all, since you were a big impact on my Deepworld experience. All In One from what I remember last time I saw it is still a giant griefed mess, unfortunately.
  • llmmzzllmmzz Member Posts: 523
    welcome back
  • Unidentified000Unidentified000 USMember Posts: 20
    edited May 24
    llmmzz said:

    welcome back

    Please have mercy on my Soul Jack Juliebo!

    llmmzz, Please you're just a Whiny Kid going MIIISSSSS!!! CAN I GO OUT AND ACCUSE PEOPLE OF CHEATING!
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