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400, a Deepworld fan faction story by Brainstorm

_Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879


“These are bad times, war has eaten the entire plane of worlds, 4 AA, the First World War has provoked between the brains and the humans, with the brains failing to defeat the humans and falling back to their lairs, the humans have also suffered many losses, a great loss of civilization, resources, lives, even sanity has been dumped into the lakes with all the dead bodies of fallen soldiers, the war has ended 4 years afterwards.

17 AA, World War II was a devastating one, it has included the brains under the great ruler Anduz, the humans under the rule of Emperor Brainstorm the Savior, and the third forces of darkness led by Lord Darmeus and Sir Maverick, in this battle another force, the Great Mother Terrapus’s Kingdom, has arisen, which has unfortunately perished, leaving the terrapi to the wilderness and separated nests in random worlds. The war has been devastating, the dark forces turning all land into dead marshes, the brains being evolved and stronger to defend themselves and offend within the rows of humans. It has ended with a peace treaty between the Brains and Humans, on 36 AA, after they have destroyed Darmeus’s tough forces, those which have threatened life on the planet, and the dark men have disappeared and were no more to be seen. It took a while to fix the damage that has been done, but it has been... and technology has arisen once more, and the world was stable, people have almost forgotten war, but it was time for something to remind them of their great grandparents who have died and almost died fighting for their kingdoms...

286 AA, the brains have stood once more, planning more tactics within their arsenals, nuclear power, that which has devastated the human empire without any hope, the humans have fought, and several strong examples have stood to protect their empire, until it has fallen, and with it, the unfortunate death of the Great emperor Brainstorm. The humans have almost given up their lands.. until they have offered a sacred object to protect it, the brains have accepted the mysterious object, and they now lay entertained within their huge empires, sending their own brain soldiers to patrol the human lands, with this, World War III has ended quickly

Many years later, a strange force has stood, a gang of humans, known as the Big Cats, they have single-handedly robbed the brains off of unreleased technology, in 369 AA, many unfortunate terrapi, known as the muterrapi, which has been greatly enhanced, made larger, stronger, more dangerous... the gang also had a new weapon into their arsenal.. one that has been long gone since the start of the apocalypse, one that not even the great forces of the dark succeeded to harness... the Grym, the large, strong, fierce monsters that have the power to control time itself, it was unknown how the gang has controlled this creature, but it was said they had a powerful man with them, the leader of the gang, Banestone, the brother of the lost savior Brainstorm, and a mentally powerful man... with this, a War was started between the Brain empire and the gang. Many people joined the gang lands, and it easily became an empire in itself, with the original members being the new leaders of the empire. This war, World War IV, has lasted for a long while, it has continued until this moment...

The year 400, After Apocalypse,

Brainstorm Entertainment proudly presents...


a Deepworld fan-fiction story

Chapter 1: coming soon


  • tjergoztjergoz Member, Arbiter Posts: 5,439
    edited June 2
    MORE FANFICS :smiley:

    I am gonna start too. Just yall wait...

    Keep me informed @Brainstorm
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879
    tjergoz said:

    MORE FANFICS :smiley:

    I am gonna start too. Just yall wait...

    Keep me informed @Brainstorm

    Sure will
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSMember Posts: 2,036
    Is this like that one 300 movie, but 400?
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Member Posts: 1,091
    Will it feature Dungeon theft in open worlds?
  • ItsjustketchupItsjustketchup Plastic BeachMember Posts: 198
    I thought it’d get steamy
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879

    Is this like that one 300 movie, but 400?

    derpdee said:

    Will it feature Dungeon theft in open worlds?

    Neither that, nor expiator blocking

    I thought it’d get steamy

    I know I am getting it
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879
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    Chapter 1: Shining Star

    And this, my children, is why we are in constant war, and are constantly moving from our homes,” Says an apparently very old man.
    “But we have enough money to buy weapons, don’t we?” Says one of the older boys.
    “Son, just because we can, doesn’t mean we could.” Says the old man.
    “Are we going to live an unstable life forever?” Asks a little girl.
    “Samantha...” continues the old man. “There is destined to be a savior, a new savior that will put an end to this chaos.”

    On the 21st of June, a child was born, son of a poor junk craftsman and a poor jerky craftswoman. He has been a tiring birth, his mother was left sick after the birth, and they were never sure whether the child was going to live in this world or the next.
    “Mister Greenwood..” said the doctor. “I really want to assure you, but I’m afraid it’s extremely hard at this situation, the child has a sharp loss of blood, and the madame... I’m afraid she’s dying.”

    Half an hour later, after struggle to save the mother and the child, the child is in an unstable condition, and the mother is...
    “Gone.” Says the Doctor.
    “Who’s gone, doctor?” Says Mr. Greenwood
    “Mrs. Greenwood is... in god’s hands.”
    Mr. Greenwood starts weeping, and the doctor continues
    “I’m afraid the child will need a lot of medicine, that will cost you a lot...” continues the doctor
    “What can you do?” Says Mr. Greenwood.
    “It’s what you can do,” Says the doctor. “I don’t usually do this, it’s illegal, but you’re a friend, with an organ or two from the deceased madame, you can afford to keep the child alive and healthy, and I have a few brain patients offering to buy them.”
    “Since when are the brains buying organs?” Asks Mr. Greenwood. “D~Do what you can doctor.”

    Two days later, the child is in his home, happy and playful, and surprisingly healthy, unaware of the situations he has put his family into.
    “I’m sure you’ll be a much better man than I ever hoped to become,” Says Mr. Greenwood. “My son, Markus.”

    Meanwhile, in the greatest castle in the universe, Banestone’s Fortress, a man in a black cloak enters the fortress, surrounded by guards, at first it would seem that they are guarding him, but truly, they are guarding the gangleader FROM him.

    “Say what you have to say, mister..” Says Banestone, a powerful man, armed in Grymwear armor and holding a huge sword, it looks perfectly crafted by a very talented man. He has a fierce appearance and a sharp look, almost looks like Brainstorm himself, but a more evil clone.

    “Not with the guards around me,” Says the cloaked man. “I need concentration.”
    “Say what you have!” Repeats Banestone.
    “I said send the guards off.” Says the cloaked man, getting angry.
    “Do you not know who you are speaking with?” Says Banestone
    “Brother of the savior, but not one, a villain and fool!” Shouts the man. “Send your guards!”
    “No!” Says Banestone.
    The man takes off the hoodie of the cloak, revealing a bald head and a huge beard, he flicks his finger, nobody saw what happened because of the speed of it happening, but all the guards were on the floor, bleeding to death, and some hanging on the ceiling, and one living guard held by the head in the man’s hands, before he crushes his skull and sends blood splattering at the gangleader’s face.
    “I like this guy,” Says Banestone to his knight.
    “Now that we have enough space, I have an unearthly message...” Says the cloaked man.
    “From God?” Asks Banestone.
    “From Satan, sinner!” Says the man. “A child was born this month, a human child that will grow and stop the war, and overthrow the gang’s rule, and will return every Kingdom to its own land, and put peace and harmony and reestablish the free market.”
    “Who is this child?” Asks Banestone.
    “A child born of June, 400 AA.” Repeats the cloaked man. “I haven’t more to say, but take care, Satan does not approve of this boy.”
    The man disappears, sparks drop from around his position, and a small Terrapus starts roaming around from his place.
    “I need to find this boy..” Says Banestone, standing up and squishing the Terrapus as he shouts; “GUARDS! Order ALL patrolling guards to kill every human child born of June of this year, every child, I do not care if he was son of a farmer or even if it were my own son! Go!”

    Days later, Mr. Greenwood has decided to travel to Brimwood Land, a new country established by a fair king in a far away land, the trip itself would take weeks, and as the man travelled with his only child, he watched as babies were taken into the town squares and publicly shot, hanged, executed, and some even burned to death... unable to do anything about this, he finally reached the gates out the country, a rough and evil officer was standing, and he stopped the cart carrying the two.
    “Lookie what we have here..” Says the officer. “How old is this child?”
    “... two monthes.” Says Mr. Greenwood.
    “The boy doesn’t look over a month old.” Says the officer. “Is he a June?”
    “No!” Replies Mr. Greenwood, unhesitatingly.
    “I have orders to kill any child that I could see to be around the threatzone!”

    Quickly, the officer takes his Mark IV pistol out, and aims at the child!
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879

    Official “400” theme image, if you PM me, I’d tell you who are the secret characters in the image.
  • TheBlindEyeTheBlindEye Member Posts: 655
    Haven’t read anything yet but I feel like I’m gonna enjoy your stories.... maybe you’ll encourage me to continue my own stories that never went into anywhere.
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879

    Haven’t read anything yet but I feel like I’m gonna enjoy your stories.... maybe you’ll encourage me to continue my own stories that never went into anywhere.

    Thanks for your early compliment, and yeah, you should totally keep writing!
  • tjergoztjergoz Member, Arbiter Posts: 5,439
    Love it!
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywhereMember Posts: 3,879
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    Chapter 2: Red & Dead

    Just as he reaches to pull the trigger, a man emerges from between the soldiers, he takes a gun from a nearby soldier and shoots at the officer, wounding his leg, the officer orders the soldiers to seize the man, but they find the man to be gone! The officer looks in front of him again, but doesn’t find the man nor his child!
    “What do we do officer?” Asks a soldier.
    “It’s.. not important.” Remarks the officer. “Out of thousands of children we killed, it’s... not too probable he is the boy, the boy we want is probably already dead, but we’re just doing this for the leader and for our promotions, you get me Martin?”
    “Do you understand?!” Shouts the officer, holding the soldier from the shoulder.
    “I.. Sir yes sir!”
    “That’s my boy!” Laughs the officer

    Across the world, in a giant underground cave, a bunch of terrapi are collected, gathering resources and food. One large terrapus, larger than any other, talks with a significantly smaller.
    “Sage, how did the team you sent fare?” Asks the giant one.
    “My queen...” continues the smaller. “They have not returned, as with the last seven teams we sent, we’re losing men, and if we keep going like this, we won’t have enough men to keep up with our growth, we should...”
    “We will not,” interrupts the Queen. “And I repeat, we will NOT stop sending our teams, you know what will happen if we do, we need resources and food to keep our nest alive..”
    “My queen, we need to change our strategies,” Says the other Terrapus. “We are dying, we aren’t as strong as we used to be, the kingdom has fallen, and we are being chased... if we keep dispatching units like this, they will find us.. my queen, and eat our meat, like they did to my beloved...”
    “Don’t remind me, She was my daughter, Yeongyul!” Interrupts the Queen. “We will take our revenge from those meat eaters! Do what you must, think of a good plan to ensure that we have enough food to sustain living and stay safe.”
    “I already have,” inquires Yeongyul
    “My queen, we can refer to agricultural growth.”
    “Yeongyul, we don’t have the resources nor the space to farm... nor do we have healthy men!” Replies the Queen.
    “We... have the humans,” hesitates Yeongyul, as he takes a breath to continue, but interrupted by the Queen. “The humans? They are our enemies!”
    “They are dying, socially more than anything, and they know they need any help they can get if they hope to overthrow the gang’s dictatorship and the brain’s rule... they know the leader they have has lured them into what seems to be heaven... but captured them in what is truly a trap.” Explains Yeongyul. “We can ask to stay with them, for the cost of our old weapons and peace...”

    Just this moment, an explosion has been heard in the cave roof, the sandstone on the roof falls, ruthlessly crushing many terrapi to death..
    “All soldiers and capable units, prepare your weapons to defend against impeding threat!” Shouts the Queen.

    All of a sudden, brains start flying into the giant cave, mercilessly killing any terrapi they come across, with flame, with energy, with anything they can put their grips upon first.. hundreds of terrapi are roasted to death, and hundreds more by the minute! The terrapi valiantly attempt to defend, but their outdated weapons could not fend off the brains, and in the end, they died bravely and were thrown into piles of giblets that were transported to the ship. There, stood the Queen, almost completely alone and surrounded by a few remaining men, who wish to die a hundred thousand times in the sake of their mighty queen.

    Without hesitation, the brains kill the remaining terrapi, and before getting to the Queen, a brain emerges from the crowd, with a mark IV flamethrower in hand.
    “At last, I have found it!” He says.
    “It’s a She, and I’m not your meat to eat!” Replies the Queen, roughly
    “Yes, you’re not my meat to eat, the emperor would pay thousands for a royal meal from a royal Terrapus Queen! Neheheheheh!” Laughs the Brain.
    “You will never take me alive!” Shouts the Queen, as she spins, knocking a few dozen brains and killing a few more brains, but quickly being roasted by the same brain.
    “Look alive, mateys!” Smiles the Brain. “We have meat that’ll sure to be feeding the empire for years to come, we have docked in heaven!”
    The brains cheer and party in the cave, dancing over the corpses of the valiant terrapi, and drinking from bottles with wine decorated and made more delicious by their blood... as this happens, Yeongyul, the queen’s loyal soldier and her dead daughter’s husband has been hiding. Yeongyul stands, watching, staring at the mockingful act the brains have done, and how they are sustaining their mockery, he gazes at two of his children, being drunk from their skulls, and with every drop of wine that drifts from the side of the unfortunate Terrapus skull, tears drift from the eyes of the unfortunate Yeongyul.
    “I will have my revenge...” whispers Yeongyul to himself. “I swear, I will kill every one of you, I will not leave a brain alive... I have refused ever to leave the Queen, for what she has done for me, I have stayed in the poor place when I could have been elsewhere making riches and fortune... I have stayed with my people when they most needed it...”
    “And it is my time to do this...” continues Yeongyul. “I will create fortune from wiping out the forces of witchery and evil, those meat-eaters, and I will invest the fortune into making myself stronger, I will not only be the greatest mercenary in the world, I will reestablish the great Terrapus kingdom, unite all terrapi for one cause; to be the strongest. I will not rest until I drink wine from the tanks of both the brain that killed, and the brain that has eaten my Queen..”
    “Mark my words, god!” Whispers Yeongyul, But in a shouting manner. “I will not rest until I have single-handedly taken more brains’ lives than they have taken Terrapus lives! And I will.. I will find Psycher, my oldest son! I know he has not died, else I would have known.. it has been 37 years since I have last seen him, he must have already established a life without me..”

    Mr. Greenwood and his baby child Markus have been unconscious, waking up, they find a strange man, drinking wine. There is food in front of them, quickly and unhesitatingly, Mr. Greenwood Asks, “Where am I? Who are you?”
    “You’re welcome for saving your life.” Says the man, apparently a red-haired man with a red beard and a long nose, dressed in barbarian wear and keeping two blades in his pocket.
    “I am Rogue,” says the man. “I am half-human, but I’d prefer not to talk about my other half. You are at my little house on the hills, they are looking for your child.”
    “My child?” Continues Mr. Greenwood. “Whatever do they want with him? He had just been born! Do they issue tolls on poor birth now?”
    “No.” Replies Rogue, still eating with his mouth full. “Your son is only a destined savior.”
    “Like Brainstorm?” Asks Mr. Greenwood.
    “More or less, but yeah. Where are you going?” Asks Rogue
    “Peaceham,” Says Mr. Greenwood
    “The new country, eh?” Adds Rogue. “I’ll come with you and protect you.”
    “Why, though? And what about your home?” Asks Mr. Greenwood
    “I am fully entitled that I must protect the savior,” Says Rogue, still chewing.
    “And besides,” swallows Rogue. “By the new rule, they’re probably gonna find this home and demolish it and take me to prison for past acts against the ‘king’”
    “King?” Laughs Mr. Greenwood. “He’s a gangleader! A thug!”
    “Think about it,” Continues Rogue. “I’ll come with you, protect you, and work to help you to pay for your stay and food... and other stuff we’ll need in the future.”

    Special mention: @Hydroblade29
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