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400, a Deepworld fan faction story by Brainstorm

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“These are bad times, war has eaten the entire plane of worlds, 4 AA, the First World War has provoked between the brains and the humans, with the brains failing to defeat the humans and falling back to their lairs, the humans have also suffered many losses, a great loss of civilization, resources, lives, even sanity has been dumped into the lakes with all the dead bodies of fallen soldiers, the war has ended 4 years afterwards.

17 AA, World War II was a devastating one, it has included the brains under the great ruler Anduz, the humans under the rule of Emperor Brainstorm the Savior, and the third forces of darkness led by Lord Darmeus and Sir Maverick, in this battle another force, the Great Mother Terrapus’s Kingdom, has arisen, which has unfortunately perished, leaving the terrapi to the wilderness and separated nests in random worlds. The war has been devastating, the dark forces turning all land into dead marshes, the brains being evolved and stronger to defend themselves and offend within the rows of humans. It has ended with a peace treaty between the Brains and Humans, on 36 AA, after they have destroyed Darmeus’s tough forces, those which have threatened life on the planet, and the dark men have disappeared and were no more to be seen. It took a while to fix the damage that has been done, but it has been... and technology has arisen once more, and the world was stable, people have almost forgotten war, but it was time for something to remind them of their great grandparents who have died and almost died fighting for their kingdoms...

286 AA, the brains have stood once more, planning more tactics within their arsenals, nuclear power, that which has devastated the human empire without any hope, the humans have fought, and several strong examples have stood to protect their empire, until it has fallen, and with it, the unfortunate death of the Great emperor Brainstorm. The humans have almost given up their lands.. until they have offered a sacred object to protect it, the brains have accepted the mysterious object, and they now lay entertained within their huge empires, sending their own brain soldiers to patrol the human lands, with this, World War III has ended quickly

Many years later, a strange force has stood, a gang of humans, known as the Big Cats, they have single-handedly robbed the brains off of unreleased technology, in 369 AA, many unfortunate terrapi, known as the muterrapi, which has been greatly enhanced, made larger, stronger, more dangerous... the gang also had a new weapon into their arsenal.. one that has been long gone since the start of the apocalypse, one that not even the great forces of the dark succeeded to harness... the Grym, the large, strong, fierce monsters that have the power to control time itself, it was unknown how the gang has controlled this creature, but it was said they had a powerful man with them, the leader of the gang, Banestone, the brother of the lost savior Brainstorm, and a mentally powerful man... with this, a War was started between the Brain empire and the gang. Many people joined the gang lands, and it easily became an empire in itself, with the original members being the new leaders of the empire. This war, World War IV, has lasted for a long while, it has continued until this moment...

The year 400, After Apocalypse,

Brainstorm Entertainment proudly presents...


a Deepworld fan-fiction story

Chapter 1: coming soon



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    MORE FANFICS :smiley:

    I am gonna start too. Just yall wait...

    Keep me informed @Brainstorm
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member
    tjergoz said:

    MORE FANFICS :smiley:

    I am gonna start too. Just yall wait...

    Keep me informed @Brainstorm

    Sure will
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    Is this like that one 300 movie, but 400?
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Posts: 1,218Member
    Will it feature Dungeon theft in open worlds?
  • ItsjustketchupItsjustketchup Plastic BeachPosts: 220Member
    I thought it’d get steamy
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member

    Is this like that one 300 movie, but 400?

    derpdee said:

    Will it feature Dungeon theft in open worlds?

    Neither that, nor expiator blocking

    I thought it’d get steamy

    I know I am getting it
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    Chapter 1: Shining Star

    And this, my children, is why we are in constant war, and are constantly moving from our homes,” Says an apparently very old man.
    “But we have enough money to buy weapons, don’t we?” Says one of the older boys.
    “Son, just because we can, doesn’t mean we could.” Says the old man.
    “Are we going to live an unstable life forever?” Asks a little girl.
    “Samantha...” continues the old man. “There is destined to be a savior, a new savior that will put an end to this chaos.”

    On the 21st of June, a child was born, son of a poor junk craftsman and a poor jerky craftswoman. He has been a tiring birth, his mother was left sick after the birth, and they were never sure whether the child was going to live in this world or the next.
    “Mister Greenwood..” said the doctor. “I really want to assure you, but I’m afraid it’s extremely hard at this situation, the child has a sharp loss of blood, and the madame... I’m afraid she’s dying.”

    Half an hour later, after struggle to save the mother and the child, the child is in an unstable condition, and the mother is...
    “Gone.” Says the Doctor.
    “Who’s gone, doctor?” Says Mr. Greenwood
    “Mrs. Greenwood is... in god’s hands.”
    Mr. Greenwood starts weeping, and the doctor continues
    “I’m afraid the child will need a lot of medicine, that will cost you a lot...” continues the doctor
    “What can you do?” Says Mr. Greenwood.
    “It’s what you can do,” Says the doctor. “I don’t usually do this, it’s illegal, but you’re a friend, with an organ or two from the deceased madame, you can afford to keep the child alive and healthy, and I have a few brain patients offering to buy them.”
    “Since when are the brains buying organs?” Asks Mr. Greenwood. “D~Do what you can doctor.”

    Two days later, the child is in his home, happy and playful, and surprisingly healthy, unaware of the situations he has put his family into.
    “I’m sure you’ll be a much better man than I ever hoped to become,” Says Mr. Greenwood. “My son, Markus.”

    Meanwhile, in the greatest castle in the universe, Banestone’s Fortress, a man in a black cloak enters the fortress, surrounded by guards, at first it would seem that they are guarding him, but truly, they are guarding the gangleader FROM him.

    “Say what you have to say, mister..” Says Banestone, a powerful man, armed in Grymwear armor and holding a huge sword, it looks perfectly crafted by a very talented man. He has a fierce appearance and a sharp look, almost looks like Brainstorm himself, but a more evil clone.

    “Not with the guards around me,” Says the cloaked man. “I need concentration.”
    “Say what you have!” Repeats Banestone.
    “I said send the guards off.” Says the cloaked man, getting angry.
    “Do you not know who you are speaking with?” Says Banestone
    “Brother of the savior, but not one, a villain and fool!” Shouts the man. “Send your guards!”
    “No!” Says Banestone.
    The man takes off the hoodie of the cloak, revealing a bald head and a huge beard, he flicks his finger, nobody saw what happened because of the speed of it happening, but all the guards were on the floor, bleeding to death, and some hanging on the ceiling, and one living guard held by the head in the man’s hands, before he crushes his skull and sends blood splattering at the gangleader’s face.
    “I like this guy,” Says Banestone to his knight.
    “Now that we have enough space, I have an unearthly message...” Says the cloaked man.
    “From God?” Asks Banestone.
    “From Satan, sinner!” Says the man. “A child was born this month, a human child that will grow and stop the war, and overthrow the gang’s rule, and will return every Kingdom to its own land, and put peace and harmony and reestablish the free market.”
    “Who is this child?” Asks Banestone.
    “A child born of June, 400 AA.” Repeats the cloaked man. “I haven’t more to say, but take care, Satan does not approve of this boy.”
    The man disappears, sparks drop from around his position, and a small Terrapus starts roaming around from his place.
    “I need to find this boy..” Says Banestone, standing up and squishing the Terrapus as he shouts; “GUARDS! Order ALL patrolling guards to kill every human child born of June of this year, every child, I do not care if he was son of a farmer or even if it were my own son! Go!”

    Days later, Mr. Greenwood has decided to travel to Brimwood Land, a new country established by a fair king in a far away land, the trip itself would take weeks, and as the man travelled with his only child, he watched as babies were taken into the town squares and publicly shot, hanged, executed, and some even burned to death... unable to do anything about this, he finally reached the gates out the country, a rough and evil officer was standing, and he stopped the cart carrying the two.
    “Lookie what we have here..” Says the officer. “How old is this child?”
    “... two monthes.” Says Mr. Greenwood.
    “The boy doesn’t look over a month old.” Says the officer. “Is he a June?”
    “No!” Replies Mr. Greenwood, unhesitatingly.
    “I have orders to kill any child that I could see to be around the threatzone!”

    Quickly, the officer takes his Mark IV pistol out, and aims at the child!
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    Official “400” theme image, if you PM me, I’d tell you who are the secret characters in the image.
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    Haven’t read anything yet but I feel like I’m gonna enjoy your stories.... maybe you’ll encourage me to continue my own stories that never went into anywhere.
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member

    Haven’t read anything yet but I feel like I’m gonna enjoy your stories.... maybe you’ll encourage me to continue my own stories that never went into anywhere.

    Thanks for your early compliment, and yeah, you should totally keep writing!
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    Love it!
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    Chapter 2: Red & Dead

    Just as he reaches to pull the trigger, a man emerges from between the soldiers, he takes a gun from a nearby soldier and shoots at the officer, wounding his leg, the officer orders the soldiers to seize the man, but they find the man to be gone! The officer looks in front of him again, but doesn’t find the man nor his child!
    “What do we do officer?” Asks a soldier.
    “It’s.. not important.” Remarks the officer. “Out of thousands of children we killed, it’s... not too probable he is the boy, the boy we want is probably already dead, but we’re just doing this for the leader and for our promotions, you get me Martin?”
    “Do you understand?!” Shouts the officer, holding the soldier from the shoulder.
    “I.. Sir yes sir!”
    “That’s my boy!” Laughs the officer

    Across the world, in a giant underground cave, a bunch of terrapi are collected, gathering resources and food. One large terrapus, larger than any other, talks with a significantly smaller.
    “Sage, how did the team you sent fare?” Asks the giant one.
    “My queen...” continues the smaller. “They have not returned, as with the last seven teams we sent, we’re losing men, and if we keep going like this, we won’t have enough men to keep up with our growth, we should...”
    “We will not,” interrupts the Queen. “And I repeat, we will NOT stop sending our teams, you know what will happen if we do, we need resources and food to keep our nest alive..”
    “My queen, we need to change our strategies,” Says the other Terrapus. “We are dying, we aren’t as strong as we used to be, the kingdom has fallen, and we are being chased... if we keep dispatching units like this, they will find us.. my queen, and eat our meat, like they did to my beloved...”
    “Don’t remind me, She was my daughter, Yeongyul!” Interrupts the Queen. “We will take our revenge from those meat eaters! Do what you must, think of a good plan to ensure that we have enough food to sustain living and stay safe.”
    “I already have,” inquires Yeongyul
    “My queen, we can refer to agricultural growth.”
    “Yeongyul, we don’t have the resources nor the space to farm... nor do we have healthy men!” Replies the Queen.
    “We... have the humans,” hesitates Yeongyul, as he takes a breath to continue, but interrupted by the Queen. “The humans? They are our enemies!”
    “They are dying, socially more than anything, and they know they need any help they can get if they hope to overthrow the gang’s dictatorship and the brain’s rule... they know the leader they have has lured them into what seems to be heaven... but captured them in what is truly a trap.” Explains Yeongyul. “We can ask to stay with them, for the cost of our old weapons and peace...”

    Just this moment, an explosion has been heard in the cave roof, the sandstone on the roof falls, ruthlessly crushing many terrapi to death..
    “All soldiers and capable units, prepare your weapons to defend against impeding threat!” Shouts the Queen.

    All of a sudden, brains start flying into the giant cave, mercilessly killing any terrapi they come across, with flame, with energy, with anything they can put their grips upon first.. hundreds of terrapi are roasted to death, and hundreds more by the minute! The terrapi valiantly attempt to defend, but their outdated weapons could not fend off the brains, and in the end, they died bravely and were thrown into piles of giblets that were transported to the ship. There, stood the Queen, almost completely alone and surrounded by a few remaining men, who wish to die a hundred thousand times in the sake of their mighty queen.

    Without hesitation, the brains kill the remaining terrapi, and before getting to the Queen, a brain emerges from the crowd, with a mark IV flamethrower in hand.
    “At last, I have found it!” He says.
    “It’s a She, and I’m not your meat to eat!” Replies the Queen, roughly
    “Yes, you’re not my meat to eat, the emperor would pay thousands for a royal meal from a royal Terrapus Queen! Neheheheheh!” Laughs the Brain.
    “You will never take me alive!” Shouts the Queen, as she spins, knocking a few dozen brains and killing a few more brains, but quickly being roasted by the same brain.
    “Look alive, mateys!” Smiles the Brain. “We have meat that’ll sure to be feeding the empire for years to come, we have docked in heaven!”
    The brains cheer and party in the cave, dancing over the corpses of the valiant terrapi, and drinking from bottles with wine decorated and made more delicious by their blood... as this happens, Yeongyul, the queen’s loyal soldier and her dead daughter’s husband has been hiding. Yeongyul stands, watching, staring at the mockingful act the brains have done, and how they are sustaining their mockery, he gazes at two of his children, being drunk from their skulls, and with every drop of wine that drifts from the side of the unfortunate Terrapus skull, tears drift from the eyes of the unfortunate Yeongyul.
    “I will have my revenge...” whispers Yeongyul to himself. “I swear, I will kill every one of you, I will not leave a brain alive... I have refused ever to leave the Queen, for what she has done for me, I have stayed in the poor place when I could have been elsewhere making riches and fortune... I have stayed with my people when they most needed it...”
    “And it is my time to do this...” continues Yeongyul. “I will create fortune from wiping out the forces of witchery and evil, those meat-eaters, and I will invest the fortune into making myself stronger, I will not only be the greatest mercenary in the world, I will reestablish the great Terrapus kingdom, unite all terrapi for one cause; to be the strongest. I will not rest until I drink wine from the tanks of both the brain that killed, and the brain that has eaten my Queen..”
    “Mark my words, god!” Whispers Yeongyul, But in a shouting manner. “I will not rest until I have single-handedly taken more brains’ lives than they have taken Terrapus lives! And I will.. I will find Psycher, my oldest son! I know he has not died, else I would have known.. it has been 37 years since I have last seen him, he must have already established a life without me..”

    Mr. Greenwood and his baby child Markus have been unconscious, waking up, they find a strange man, drinking wine. There is food in front of them, quickly and unhesitatingly, Mr. Greenwood Asks, “Where am I? Who are you?”
    “You’re welcome for saving your life.” Says the man, apparently a red-haired man with a red beard and a long nose, dressed in barbarian wear and keeping two blades in his pocket.
    “I am Rogue,” says the man. “I am half-human, but I’d prefer not to talk about my other half. You are at my little house on the hills, they are looking for your child.”
    “My child?” Continues Mr. Greenwood. “Whatever do they want with him? He had just been born! Do they issue tolls on poor birth now?”
    “No.” Replies Rogue, still eating with his mouth full. “Your son is only a destined savior.”
    “Like Brainstorm?” Asks Mr. Greenwood.
    “More or less, but yeah. Where are you going?” Asks Rogue
    “Peaceham,” Says Mr. Greenwood
    “The new country, eh?” Adds Rogue. “I’ll come with you and protect you.”
    “Why, though? And what about your home?” Asks Mr. Greenwood
    “I am fully entitled that I must protect the savior,” Says Rogue, still chewing.
    “And besides,” swallows Rogue. “By the new rule, they’re probably gonna find this home and demolish it and take me to prison for past acts against the ‘king’”
    “King?” Laughs Mr. Greenwood. “He’s a gangleader! A thug!”
    “Think about it,” Continues Rogue. “I’ll come with you, protect you, and work to help you to pay for your stay and food... and other stuff we’ll need in the future.”

    Special mention: @Hydroblade29
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    Chapter 3: The Road To Peaceham

    A huge, golden room filled with some of the fanciest brains and guests, fancy diamond and onyx chandeliers decorating the roofs, tables filled with the rarest of meats and the fairest of treats, glimmering floors, shining carpets, what room might include all riches of the world, other than the room of the Brain emperor himself? It is Astronomus’s great castle, the greatest one still standing, and on one corner stands himself, the emperor, speaking with his loyal servant.
    “Oh great emperor,” chants the servant. “Defeater of demons, killer of kings, terrorizer of terrapi, wrecker of revenants, hunter of hordes, and emperor of elites!”
    “What is it, Balis?” Says the emperor.
    “It has been brought to my attention that we have already finished our genetic implant on the terrapi,” continues Balis. “But, we have yet to act with it, it has been months already, and we have done not a thing with it! Isn’t this the moment we have waited a century for?”
    “And we do not want to ruin the decades of waiting because of impatience and inability to wait a few more months! Do you not understand? We are awaiting the perfect moment, Balis!” Says the emperor. “The humans have stolen our technology because of impatience, and we will not allow them to do it again. This time, we have much better muterrapi, we have something to defeat their own Grym, and... Balis! Do me a favor, will you?”
    “Yes?” Replies Balis
    “Send a messenger to the reciprocals, tell them to activate the big device.”
    “The big device sir?” Asks Balis
    “Yes, Balis.” Repeats the emperor; “the big device.”

    That moment, Mr. Greenwood, Rogue, and little Markus have embarked on their journey to continue on towards the kingdom of Peaceham, Rogue is eating meat from a leg he has been holding through the trip, Markus just asleep, as always, and Greenwood watching through the window, not sure what they may come across this time. The journey has taken longer than they expected, it has been a week, and they have stopped for almost the twentieth time, to take a break and buy something to eat. Mr. Greenwood leaves the cart to buy a bunch of bread loaves and some butter to keep them fed for the day, Rogue is sent by Greenwood to a farther shop to buy milk for the child, and they return to rest at an inn for the day, Mr. Greenwood wakes up the next day, looking for Rogue to leave but not finding him.
    He follows down the stairs and finds Rogue talking with a guy in a coat and shades and a hat. Rogue returns to Greenwood.
    “I got something for the road,” He says, giving Greenwood a musket.
    “Are you mad? What if an officer catches me with it?” Whispers Mr. Greenwood
    “Don’t worry, I asked around, it’s recommended for Peaceham citizens to carry a fire-arm or any weapon for self-defense.” Assures Rogue.
    “Well, I hope you don’t put me to danger.” Says Mr. Greenwood.
    “I’m doing the opposite, bro!”

    As they were leaving, Rogue seems to look at some cloaked figure passing by, holding a long flame cannon, the cloak shows not much but the mouth which is seemingly covered in hard, red skin. The cloaked figure looks back at Rogue, and both of them raise their thumbs up to each other, as Greenwood, Rogue and Markus drive off to continue their journey, hearing an explosion from behind but not too many people care.

    Finally, Mr. Greenwood finds the final stop before the kingdom, another normal inn, probably cleaner and with better service than the rest, they go inside, charge for their rooms, and go to sleep immediately.

    Later the night, everyone in the inn is awakened by the sound of a fight in the bar.. most people rush out to look, finding that it was Rogue, jumping between the tables to dodge other tables being thrown at him by a strange being.. it seems to be a being of the Deep, but one that none have seen, it looks a lot like the Grym themselves, but definitely without the power they are capable of holding.

    “Orgon!” Shouts rogue as he jumps around another random round of obstacles being tossed around. “I told you it wasn’t me who did that! Scorpion’s Tail has framed me! They were trying to get rid of him and me in the same time and couldn’t take the blame for themselves!”
    “HAAAAAR!” Roars the beast, angrily. “Seize the creation of that name from your tongue! You can not talk about The Tail in that manner, you traitor!”
    Suddenly, Rogue takes our two long, sharp bent swords that look like some sort of mechanical scimitars.. he jumps very high and stands behind Orgon, swiping, the sword barely leaves a cut in the rock which his neck is made of, Orgon catches Rogue with two fingers and gets ready to smash him, but with a charge, Rogue spins, slashing a weakplace in Orgon’s abdomen, he breaks free as Orgon shouts in pain and anger and starts looking for stuff to throw...

    “Listen to me, Orgon! If you don’t, I will have to kill you and leave with two out for the tails!”
    They continue to struggle with each other, as the others start waking up one by one and hiding upstairs...

    As he is watching the fight, Mr. Greenwood sneaks up into his room to grab his musket, as he walks, he finds an open room with slaughtered patients, he walks in to save anyone he can.. quickly, he finds a small, but very powerful acidic bomb... “I got an idea!” He says to himself, and grabs the bomb, then runs to his room to grab the musket.

  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member
    He sneaks back outside, and watches Orgon holding Rogue roughly, seizing his throat and trying to choke him, his hand, in itself, would make his throat explode, if it weren’t for Rogue resisting and trying to push his hands away. His two weapons are on the floor, far away from him... Mr. Greenwood sneaks a little more until he is behind a table s few meters away from them... quickly, he says.
    “God, take care of my son if something wrong happens...”
    He loads his musket with the bomb he finds, which miraculously fits... he starts playing with the settings of the gun and configuring it, he aims the musket at Orgon, as he chokes Rogue, Rogue’s face starts turning purple, and before he could say his prayers...

    “ORGON!” Shouts Greenwood
    Orgon looks back, seeing something smaller than himself only meters away from him.
    “You call, weakling? I am busy!” He says, as he throws Rogue away from his hand, making him hit the wall, presumably dead.

    “I would cook you for dinner, but I don’t eat orgonic food!” Says Greenwood, pressing the trigger... suddenly, and after a 3 second hesitance, the gun fires a bomb, running extremely fast, as Greenwood runs as well, jumping behind a table.

    BOOM, goes the bomb, melting the entire beast, turning into molten rock as a little diamond-like creature emerges from the liquid, it starts screaming random words in a funny baby voice as it exits the building.

    Greenwood runs towards Rogue.
    “A-Are you okay?!” Screams Greenwood, Rogue seems to not be breathing, Greenwood stands up and takes off his hat and holds it across his stomach, looking down..

    All of a sudden, “Boo!” Jumps Rogue. Greenwood falls to the floor, as Rogue laughs.
    “Are you coocoo in the caboose, Rogue?” Shouts Greenwood.
    “Oh man! You should have seen yourself when you fell on the floor! Your eyes were screaming “Momma! Momma!” Hahah!” Says Rogue
    “I thought you were dead!” Says Greenwood, still angry. “So, are you OK?”
    “Well, not dead, but I’d need some new bones.. maybe a new liver too.” Replies Rogue. “I’m surprised that worked though, hah! You’re one son of an inventor!”
    “I am too” adds Greenwood. “I’ve always wanted to be an inventor but it was fate that gave me this job, I hope I can make my dreams come true in the kingdom..”

    And so, they started the trip early due to the wrecking of the inn, Greenwood takes his little son and finally manages to reach, in several hours, the huge gates of the kingdom, Peaceham Kingdom lies ahead of them, with the only thing between it and them being gates! Only a bit and they were inside the kingdom, surrounded by nice and peaceful different people talking, not only that, but also lost souls and animals and all different creatures in this wide world... they go straight for the king, a nice man who offers them a place to stay forever, a small but good house, together, Greenwood, Markus, and Rogue live together in this humble place.

    Rogue works as a soldier in the kingdom, and due to his strength and skill, he was quickly promoted rank by rank, until he became lieutenant in only 5 years... Greenwood starts creating less junkish junk, until he became an inventor and started to create helpful machines, like more advanced pumps and defense systems. He even reached the point where he was able to create robots and powerful ones, too, like the ancestors before the first apocalypse, and soon became one of the most famous inventors and celebrities in the kingdom..

    And Markus, Little Greenwood, grown up to a fine child, and as he became at the age of 13, his “uncle” Rogue had already been a general, and he helped Markus to be a good fighter, and Markus himself was found having very high interest In fighting, he grew, powerful and strong, and everyone of his friends respected him and adored him... and so, as he goes to one of the far forests from the kingdom, he meets a strange creature that he has not seen but in the museum as a fossil.. it had a long mouth and fur, it was a brown bear!

    The bear, however, stood on two feet and wore a cloak, it approached Markus calmly, Markus took his sword out and got ready to kill him melee, but..

    “Do not, Markus, I am not but here to guide you...” Says the bear, it talked to Markus!
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member
    Now, before I keep going, can anyone tell me if someone is actually keeping up with my story?

    Chapter 4: Dragons & Death Sentences

    “It’s enough that you’re extinct,” Says Markus. “But talking, too? I need a well-placed pinch..”
    “I am not extinct, nor is my kind,” Says the bear. “Come.”
    The bear walks off, Markus hesitates in following him, but in the end, his pride and self-confidence that he can get through any trouble, even if it were a trap. He follows him through the trees, across the woods, until they both reach a lake that he has never seen before... although he was pretty sure he knows the entire part of the forest, and a glimmering lake surrounded by exotic flowers and trees from another country, with rainbow fish and owl butterflies, would have caught his attention at least once in his life. Just as he gets to watch the beautiful lake, looking around himself once more, he does not see the bear...
    “What kind of a joke is this?” Calls Markus. “Where did you go?”

    Without an introduction, something quickly jumps out of the lake, but Markus swerves just in time to avoid what seems to be a huge tentacle...
    With one swipe, he cuts the tentacle off.
    “What is t~” Says Markus, interrupted by another tentacle coming out, but this time he falls to the ground as he jumps out of the range... a head starts coming out of the lake, a giant head, dark red in color, and pointed... as it slowly ascends from the water, he can tell that it looks like...
    “A Terrapus Dragon!” Cries Markus.

    These creatures are giant creatures, with the heads of a Mother Terrapus but almost 8 Times larger, with sharper fangs and tougher skin and two larger horns... the creature has 8 tentacles for arms, yet a huge pair of scaly legs behind them. It has a big tail, and a huge pair of wings that are almost its own size, made of Terrapus scales.. it has the power to blow fire, however, it being a mutant, and the fact that all mutants has weaknesses, the heating systems in their lungs are pretty small and have a low capacity, so they can not keep a consistent arc of fire, thus, it shoots huge balls of Fire, and this leaves it vulnerable while breathing the air it requires to shoot fire...

    The dragon roars angrily and takes a deep breath, Markus takes advantage and runs towards the dragon, and just as the dragon shoots a ball of fire, Markus jumps, dodging the ball while getting on one of its tentacles... the ball hits the floor, making a huge blast and setting the entire area on fire. That is one strong fireball!

    Markus clings onto the edge of the tentacle, and as the dragon tries shaking him off, Markus uses this to toss himself up towards its back. He slips and falls, luckily grabbing one of the dragon’s spikes as he falls, the dragon continues to shake, and then stretches a tentacle towards its back to grab Markus. The first one misses, and Markus quickly lets go off the spike, falling and holding onto a lower spike nearer to its tail. The tentacle slaps into the beast’s own spikes, as he growls in pain.

    Quickly, Markus lets one hand go, as he holds his sword and cuts a big part of said tentacle. The dragon screams in pain, and starts flying. He goes upside down while soaring into the skies, making it harder for Markus to keep ahold.. he thrusts the sword as hard as he can into the dragon’s body as he climbs up towards his torso, which is no facing the sky. He runs quickly towards its head, jumping through the several tentacles that try to stop him on the way, and before the dragon could turn around again, Markus grabs his head and swings above it, raising his sword..
    “For the good lord!” He shouts, as the sword goes down, penetrating the creature’s skull, making a rough sound like the sound of a pickaxe going through onyx. A stream of blood runs through the Terrapus Dragon’s head as he loses his breath, and starts falling.. his body heats up completely and makes it harder for Markus to cling onto it, along with the spinning of the dragon as he falls, all he could do now is running opposite the direction of spinning, to avoid falling and his feet burning... just as the dragon becomes meters away from the ground, Markus lets out a short sigh, and jumps onto a burning tree, and keeps jumping between the trees away from the dragon... as it hits the ground and makes a huge explosion, tossing Markus dozens of trees a way, he hits the floor near his town.

    “This is an adventure I’m willing to go on again!” He says.
    Markus walks back to his town, but before he enters, he smells smoke and remembers that there had been a fire!

    He quickly calls out for the townsfolk
    “THERE IS A FIRE! A HUGE FIRE IN THE WOODS!” He cried everywhere.

    Quickly, armed men with highest mark frost cannons run to extinguish the fires, the mayor of the town walks casually to Markus, with an unpleasant look.
    “What is the meaning of this?” exclaims the mayor “Do you realize you just destroyed one of the greatest parts of this country’s history?”
    “It wasn’t me!” Says Markus. He spends the next few minutes explaining to the Mayor what happened, with the dragon and the magical lake, and the cloaked bear which stood on two limbs..

    “Are you a maniac?!” Shouts the mayor. “Do you really expect me to believe this nonsense? A Terrapus Dragon? An exotic lake we don’t know about? A talking bear?”
    “Your men will see the dead dragon in the forest! If he exploded, they’ll definitely see pieces of him! And the lake!” Cries Markus.

    The men return a while later, reporting that there was nothing in the forest, no dragon, no lake, nothing that left any sign of what Markus talked about. Markus started sweating, he looked extremely worried, his face was almost white of fear...

    “You child,” Says the mayor. “You’re under arrest for destruction of national treasure and environment. I guarantee you will probably get not less than a death sentence.”

    ~ At these words, I almost fainted.. the last I could see or hear was the soldiers taking me in, and there I lay in the prison cell, with around 48 hours to death... a few hours later, I was visited by my father and my uncle.
    “I... tried all I can.” Says Rogue. “It’s inevitable, you are going to be... executed.”
    “Maybe it would have helped if you told the truth, son!” Shouts dad to me.
    And just before I could begin to explain myself, Rogue quickly interrupts;
    “I believe him.” He says.
    “That is Impossible, Rogue!” Says Mr. Greenwood.
    “It is not. I felt a distant powerful aura, I guessed there was a dragon, but I didn’t bother to check it out due to the fact that it was very distant and seemed to not be heading at our direction.” Adds Rogue. “I don’t know about the lake or the dragon’s remnants, but there was definitely something off.”
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    I couldn’t talk this entire time, I was still in shock and I was sad all this time, I could barely contain my tears, or my fear. We talked for a while, arguing until it came to a point where we were all now crying.
    “Son..” Says my father, still crying “This.. this can’t happen... I’ll... I’ll do something.. I..”
    At this point, he was interrupted by the guard, signaling for visiting time to be over.
    “Let me stay! I’m telling you!” Shouts dad. “I will not leave my son die here!”
    He loses control of himself, the guards try their best to try and take him away by reason, in the end, they take him away by force... as he continues to shout.
    “I... want to stay with my son!”

    As he is taken away, Rogue stays, being a high rank in the army and having the power to move around the prisons as he pleases, he holds me by the shoulder.
    “You’re like my son.” He says, taking a firmer hold of my shoulder. “Stay strong, I’ll get you out of here, by any means! I’ll hire the best lawyer, I’ll get my men scouting and interrogating the scene, we’ll prove you innocent before court...”

    This is the last I see of anyone today, I am quickly scurried off into my cell, I barely get two hours of rest before I am called for recreation. I leave my cell and into the big hall, I take a tray and go to observe the area, high white ceilings, white walls and grounds... not the clean white, though.. I take a seat in one of the dozens of long tables, to eat what seems to be crushed meat and vegetable... essence? I don’t know, everything is just like piles of wet food material.

    After a few spoons of food, something takes a seat next to me.. sorry, it’s a brain, I’m not used to calling a brain a “somebody” as all I’ve been taught about them is that they were my enemies and that they are bloodthirsty creatures that love to kill us humans. He’s pretty thin for a brain, and appears to be pretty tall, the liquid in his tank is.. some blueish green color, like it is dirty.

    “Can I eat next to you?” Asks the Brain, too nicely for me to turn down the offer.
    “Sure,” I reply, kind of emotionless. “Won’t hurt to have a murderer sit next to me.”

    He notices the way I looked at his prisoner clothing, red, red clothing stands for death sentence, and a person can only murder for this sentence.. he can’t but laugh at my remark.

    “Yes, and you’re here for picking flowers!” He says, finally calming down.
    “It’s.. not how it seems.” I say. “I...”
    “You murdered, didn’t you?” He says
    “No, it w..”
    “You don’t seem like a murderous type, your young, isn’t there separate prisons for your age?”

    “Can you listen to me for once?!” I shout, dropping my spoon with food. He stops talking and gestures to me to continue.
    “I killed a dragon,” I said. “And they can’t find his remnants, nor the lake we fought near, nor the walking bear, I am accused of burning the forest.”

    He can’t help but laugh once more, he’s such the laughing type, no wonder he’d be crazy enough to kill. I decide to stay silent, and he doesn’t talk more after that, beside other random topics that came occasionally. After the period, I was sent to my cell...

    I finally get some sleep, some much-needed sleep... but to my “luck”, I heard a loud banging sound, I wake up, but it seems like nobody else heard it.. and suddenly a cloaked man appears in front of me, he is cloaked in black and the cloak is covering his entire body. He looks human enough to tell he is a human, but he has a slim body and I can see a part of his face, seems handsome enough to be royal blood, or.. perhaps he’s had some of a royal life?

    The bear in a cloak teleports with him, he appears now next to him.

    “You!” I shout angrily, running at him to punch him for all my troubles.. but then being stopped and taken to mid-air as the cloaked man raises his hand forwards in an act of instance.

    “Sh!” Says the man, putting his index finger on his mouth. “I’m here to take you out!”
    “Who are you?” I ask.
    “I am he who ruled with fists of iron, and a heart of gold, everyone thinks I’m dead, and I can’t change that anytime soon.. you will be doing that for me... it has been over a hundred years and I’m still not ready...”

    He holds my hand, and in an instance, I feel my entire body perish from the thread of existence.. as if I were riding the threads of time into a.... different world.

    to be continued

    Special Mention: You’ll find out, soon.
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    Mention Barnabus!
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    Mention Barnabus!

    Hm... egh... err... uhm... eck.... oof..

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    Thank you! Our (my) job is keeping you guys entertained for as long as possible!
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    Very very good job well done it’s remarkably amazing
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    mofc1991 said:

    Very very good job well done it’s remarkably amazing

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    ETA: I have already started to take some new techniques in my writing, certain dramatic scenes, thinking stops, etc.. I’m trying to make my writing better
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    Chapter 5: Deeper, Deeper..

    ~ Meanwhile, in a world completely different from ours, almost miles below everyone else... black everywhere around you, Death is at every maw, every mushroom holds the will to make your children orphans... this domain, as horrible as it is, is no place but... the deep biome, the underground domain, the spawnpoint of the forces of dark... one person would think nothing lives in these parts, humanity has not yet gathered the will to return and explore this domain as they did in the past, and even those who do faced their worst fates.

    The dangers in the world increased, the lonely fact that it is the home of the Grym, the dark creatures of time, keeps any adventurer, no matter how brave, from coming close.

    And there, it is seen to be a huge, flat area of hard blue-gray rock floor, filled with maws and monsters, a few dozen men of the dark forces, which look human except for their dark blue skin color and glowing red, and sometimes blue, eyes... bedworms and deep ghosts, dragonoids and reptilians, many more...
    “Ah!” Says a tall, buff being.. looks like a man, but he is made of gray rock and has huge shoulder protectors, or could they be intimidating decorations? The creature is twice the size of human, leaning on the fence of a very high tower in this toxic wasteland.

    “Isn’t it beautiful, Redus?” Asks the being, while still staring at the abominations below himself, this time before another being comes closer. He looks like a very strange mutation of sorts, he possessed the head of a Cthulhu, and four arms from different creatures including androids, terrapi, revenants, and brains, and legs that look like Tyrannosaurus rex legs. He has a body as wide and buff as that of the gray man, but only bigger and more muscular... except something feels more powerful within the gray man.
    “Beautiful? We are abominations! Monsters!” Replies Redus, angry.
    “Silly Red,” says the gray man. “What’s the point in being the king of a realm of visually appealing weaklings? We’ll just be better sex slaves then! Do you not see the power we have? Power, power is what I perceive as the most beautiful thing in the world!”
    “Lord Darmeus,” Says Redus. “We are but a few hundred men, and even if we can outnumber them, they have technology! We have known about the war between the Big Cat Gang of humans, and the new brain empire... they have new weapons, and millions of men!”
    “They don’t have what we have!” Shouts Darmeus, proudly.
    Redus only sighs, but continues to listen to the man.
    “The power within our men is otherworldly, extraordinary, not but legendary! I think I got a plan.” Continues Darmeus.
    “Plan? Like basically the last four or five times?” Shouts Redus.. “Don’t tell me you forgot how you turned me into this thing? How about the fact we lost the only two wars we took?”
    “Redus, we lost because we were too powerful,” Says Darmeus, banging his hand on the fence and destroying it. “All the others teamed up against us! Even the gods had to send some kind of prophet to stop us! We were a big threat!”
    “Then what do we do?” Continues Redus, with visual anger on his face. “Come up with another great plan of yours, and have another prophet stand in our way?”

    “Not this time..” Says Darmeus, hesitantly, while thinking for a few more seconds. “We have a greater plan this time, we can make our men... invincible! And not only that, we’ll have thousands, maybe millions, of soldiers!”
    “And what about the gods?” Asks Redus

    “We have one on our side.” Says a completely different voice from behind, a young voice to say, both Redus and Darmeus turn to look at the source of the voice, it seems to be a very evolved revenant, an Epic Revenant, and fully armed with onyx armory, with advanced weapons in his pocket but a long double-edged dark spear.
    “My favourite Maverick!” Shouts Darmeus again, this time shouting happily and welcomingly. “I see you have good news?”
    “Of course, I’ve just returned from the ritual.” Maverick continues. “I met the so-called God of Death, I saw almost godly power in him that I almost forgot that I didn’t believe in them!”
    Both Darmeus and Maverick laugh, Redus is still silent for some reason.
    “And of course, I proposed our plan,” continues Maverick once again, smiling. “And he gave us his blessing! Well, as if that matters to me, what mattered more is that he gave us his cooperation, and we’re ready to go all out... but...”
    Darmeus, interrupting his smile with a frown, Says “But?”
    “He needs us to bring him something,” Says Maverick. “The dead body of a Grym, dipped in hell oil..”
    “Did you ask him whether he wants the onions removed, too?” Interrupts Redus, sarcastically. “We are not just killing a Grym and angering the Guardians Of Time, we are also disrespecting him by dipping him in oil and presenting him as an offering to the God of Death!”

    “There there, Redus..” Says Maverick. “The power he will grant us will make us stronger than them..”
    “And what if he doesn’t grant us that power? How do we trust him?”
    “He’s a god!” Replies Maverick.
    “You just said you don’t believe he is a god, we all don’t!” Shouts Redus. “He’s just a powerful being from the spiritual realm, that is strong enough to tinker with the systems and to also access our realm.. all of those “gods” are!”
    “Hush, you two!” Shouts Darmeus, banging the floor and almost breaking it. “I’m not inviting my two children here to play Rock Paper Scissors on my roof!”

    The two look at each other and then keep silent.
    “How do we get that Grym?” Asks Darmeus
    “Don’t ask how,” Says Maverick, laughing and smiling evilly. “Ask... when...”
    They both start laughing uncontrollably after a long stare, and continue for a minute or two.
    “Idiots,” whispers Redus. “I’m allied with a bunch of idiots..”

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    ~ In the middle of a cave, almost extremely dark, I appear, as the cloaked man and the cloaked bear have teleported me earlier, almost as soon as the cloaked man enters the cave, crystals start to light up in the cave, crystals of different colors, blue, red, purple, green, yellow... and so much more. The cave becomes more colorful and bright, and then I look at the man with confusion

    “You are confused, and wondering why I rescued you from your unfortunate sentence..” Says the man.
    “Obviously, but I’m more curious why you got me into it in the first place.” I say while looking at the bear at the last part.

    “I’ll tell you later,” He says.
    “Who are you?” I ask.

    “You’ll know later.” He says.
    “I demand answers!” I shout.
    “There there, Markus!” Talks the Bear after long silence. “We are here to train you to become a legendary warrior! I saw you fight the Terrapus dragon, you are awesome!”
    “Oh why don’t you shut up!” I shout angrily. “I don’t want to hear a word from you!”

    The bear frowns, and looks disappointed as the man walks towards me.

    “Don’t feel down,” Says the cloaked man, putting his hand on my shoulder.
    “I know what you’ve been through, but you must stay strong, you will save the world”

    Many questions swim around my head, but I decided to let them be for now since I’ll most likely be told that I’ll “know later.” I decide to go with the two.
    “What are your names, if I may know now rather than later?” I ask
    “Call me Alpha,” Says the man. “And call him Omega.”

    Now I got it, the cloaked man is Alpha and the bear is Omega, something tells me this is going to be a long day...
    We continue to walk into the cave, I try touching one of the glowing crystals, but Alpha slaps my hand as I continue to walk, we finally reach the end of the cave after ten minutes. It goes into a big, beautiful forest, the trees, animals, even the butterflies are something I’ve never seen before.

    “We’re not in Peaceham, are we?” I ask
    “You’re in Kingsley’s, it’s, like, the first kingdom that ever existed after the apocalypse.” Says Alpha. “It’s currently not as much as it has been in the past, especially since it is now very distant from the other kingdoms.. can you imagine? Civilization slowly crawled from Europe to the Americas!”
    “Wha..” I ask, being interrupted by Alpha.
    “It’s not important, you’re basically an entire ocean away from everywhere you can perceive as home..” he continues. “Peaceham, which used to be South America, and the Big Cat Kingdom which was Mexico and parts of the United States, and the Brain Kingdom which used to be Canada and the other parts of the States.. this place, is a lifetime away from everything you’ve ever read about..”

    The amount of questions in my mind double, almost triple, but then Alpha pulls me by the hand as we keep walking in the forest, and there, I see a brain! This brain doesn’t seem like the other brains I know, it looks... primitive. It instantly floats at me and tries to zap me! Alpha and Omega disappear, so I jump out of the way in an instant
    “OK guys, since you didn’t tell me what to do and you seem to be in control here..” I say, I try taking my sword out, but instead of my old sword, I am now carrying a mechanical sword! I’ve only read about these in the old books, and I think I know how to use them if they really are like the legends..

    I press my sword, the gears start turning and the blade heats up, I jump at the Brain and spin with my sword, the heat and strength of the sword cuts through the tank like a knife through butter, and the Brain flies in half through different directions...

    The two reappear.
    “Good job!” Says Alpha. “You are really good with the sword, like Omega told me!”
    “What’s next?” I ask.

    And without further ado, they disappear again and I start looking around me, a horde of brains surrounds me, led by a dire large brain, which makes sounds, ordering them to prepare for attack!

    Sigh, something tells me it’s going to be a long day..
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    Special Mention: @Tannerman14 (Maverick), RedMan (Me, but not.)
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    Chapter 6: The Emperor & The Grym

    ~Meanwhile, the Brain emperor sits on his throne, doing nothing but ordering his little pet Terrapus Brain to fetch objects. Quickly enough, his royal minister enters with a phone, what seems to be a circle-shaped piece of glass covered by light metals and complex connections, with two open parts at both sides for holding
    “What do you bring, Brus? Games?” Calls the emperor.
    “Your majesty, it is a message.” Replies the minister.
    “From who?” Says the emperor, looking rather surprised.
    “It is rather funny really,” continues Brus. “My secretary gave it to me telling me that a knight gave it to him telling him that a human gave it to him telling him that the big cats’ gang gave it to him...”
    “And after all those twists, it is directed at me? Or am I supposed to pass it off to some god?” Replies the emperor rather sarcastically
    “It is yours, your majesty... I think you would want to see this..” Says Brus.
    “Read it to me.” Says the emperor.
    “‘To the emperor, until that lasts, which I would love to remark that it is not for too long...’”
    At this part, the emperor becomes angry. The minister moves closer to the emperor to show him the text.
    “‘I have been told your men have managed to lay hands on some of our new muterrapus, playing dirty eh? Well, I thought a warning would suffice, but you got that, so I’ll just assure you that there’s still a lot for you to steal, except it won’t be as easy if what you try to steal is going to kill you on sight...’”

    As he continues, he scrolls to show a few pictures, some of more advanced muterrapus, some of mechanical forces, and one particular image that caught the emperor’s attention.. a gray being, the picture was only seen in a hand-drawn form in the books before, the grym..

    “The...” continues the emperor, but stopping for a while to think as Brus continues the message.
    “‘We attack very soon, I’m telling you this because I know you will stand without any ability to stop our force nonetheless, you better run, because you won’t be able to, very soon..
    -signed, Jaguar, with royal salutations from Banestone.’”

    “No..” continues the emperor once more, with apparent nervousness and worry on his eyes, as he keeps floating up and down the hall, then returning to his minister.
    “Sir Brus.” He says as a look of anger dawns upon his face.
    “Yes, Your majesty?”
    “Call for Precaution NQ19.”
    “NQ19 your majesty?” Asks the minister in shock.
    “You heard me the first time, Brus. Go!”

    The minister runs out of the room, shouting can still be heard from Brus calling for the servants to gather the ministers and leaders of the empire.

    At this very moment, in a huge factory underground, within a close enough approach to the deep biome while still being in the overworld, human workers are working and operating mechanical devices and gadgets, some are throwing objects in a huge pool of acid below the factory. All the workers wear a distinguishable big cat helmet and are dressed in appropriate armor and clothing for their working condition.
    Out of one of the sewage pipes, a revenant flies out. It is Maverick, he holds nothing in his hands, but as he steps close to the factory, almost two hundred workers take out their mark two energy cannons and point them towards his head
    “There there, this is not how you treat an official..” Says Maverick, with his hands behind his back.
    “Back off, this is unauthorized property and your kind is not allowed here.” Says an apparent general who just now exits the factory with two mark four energy cannons in his hands.
    “That’s funny, I was going to say exactly the same thing!” Continues Maverick. “I am Prince Maverick of the Deep Kingdom. Your building is too big to ignore and is within our borders, and you are directly taking our energy, acid, resources, and space.” Says Maverick, casually.
    “Space? Energy? Acid? Resources?! Hah!” Laughs the general. “You literally have a copy of the entire world, but under that world, and you’re worried about running out of space?”
    “This is my last warning, I will not proceed to talk more afterwards and will proceed to remove your unauthorized property and everyone affiliated with it myself.” Continues Maverick

    The men laugh, followed by the general.
    “Men!” Shouts the general as he looks back to his men. “Why don’t we show Mister Picklerick here how we... REMOVE stuff?”

    Once again, the men point their guns at the revenant, followed by the general.
    “Sigh... we gotta do it the hard way then.” Says Maverick.

    Quickly, the entire group of men shoot with their cannons, the energy and steam puffing out of the weapons makes it harder to see, and after half a minute of shooting, they stop to collect he ectoplasm he has dropped, but surprised, they find a wooden log in his place.

    With quick succession, Maverick flies atop their heads with a forged blade and takes off a bunch of heads, and keeps turning around to evade the hundreds of energy shots that are shot towards him.

    Maverick takes a few hits, but his armor defends him quite a bit although he still pains a little, quickly he turns his hands around and summons a dark twister, which moves around sucking in most of the men, most of them meet their doom, the other unintelligent men who have been firing energy have only been making the twister more dangerous.
    Noticing this, the general quickly orders the remaining men to fall back and escape. He manages to get away with a dozen men..
    “I will remember this, Maverick!” Shouts the man. “And you will, too! You will never forget the name of General Dominick once more!”

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    Instantly, the twister deforms, corpses emerge from it dead, one by one, until a living one, although barely breathing and beaten up almost enough to blind him, flies out, landing in Maverick’s hands.
    “Where is he.” Says the Maverick, casually as usual but with visible anger.
    “Where.. is... what.. sir?” Mutters the man.
    “You know what I’m talking about,” Continues Maverick.
    “Kill me if you want.” Says the man.
    “Honorable cat, eh?” Says Maverick, giggling. “Well, you’ll stay alive in both cases, but for one of the choices, you’ll be wishing for death every minute, and won’t be getting it..”

    The man swallows, and goes silent once more.
    “Fine, you can go to hell later.” Says Maverick, as he sticks his hand so hard inside his chest, it penetrates him. He pulls out a bunch of stuff, liver and pancreas, and warps him somewhere.
    “I guess I’ll have to find this tough-ass Grym myself...” Continues Maverick, as he flies into the factory

    ~Meanwhile, I stand surrounded by primordial brains, waiting for the perfect moment to attack, and the sentence has double-meanings if I’d say so myself...

    Suddenly, the first brain jumps at me to grab me, quickly followed by dozens more... with my blade still puffing steam, I jump back, just crossing beside it while my blade cuts through the tank as I fall on the other side... I run back towards the brains and start beheading a good few, well, bebraining if I want to make things literal, heh.

    The heat coursing through their acids would sometimes cause them to explode after dying, which has until now left me a few injuries and bruises so I am careful with my attacks either not being fast enough as to igniting the acid, or slow enough as to help me escape before it blows my face up.

    The brains start increasing as I slash them to the ground, and they start to surround me even more.
    “Uh, Alpha, Omega,” I call. “I hope you know what you’re doing, erm, what I’m doing here.. because this is not too reassuring...”

    Quickly, I take a straight dive through, forming a line of dead brains as I continue to run as fast as I can. Looking back, it seems my dive has triggered a big course of explosions, which destroys around half of the brains...

    “A lake!” I say as I spot a lake of fresh water, I start swimming through as I look behind me. The brains I knew hated water, but these seemed to just... swim through! Even faster than I am swimming! I decide to dive into the water, I swim past the tropical fish and little pieces of red plant... the Lake seems to be bottomless.. wait a minute.. this is definitely not a lake.. it’s an ocean! I’ve never seen one as far as I remember, but I can tell how it looks like from the description and the lessons I’ve learnt in my class.

    The brains are still diving behind me, until I get far through, I am running out of breath and decide to face them, as they get close, they get a jet of shock and run away from me as fast as possible.
    “Uh... come back here you cowards!” I shout. “So tough now, huh?”
    Almost instantly I notice the water getting much darker, then I feel the approach of a very heavy breathing. I turn around and notice a huge octopus behind my back, or a squid maybe? It seems to be part mechanic, but aside from that, it goes up to at least two miles tall and a mile wide. It stares at me with an eye a dozen times larger than myself, and another half-dozen eyes stare at me from farther away.
    “Um.. brainy friends! Wait for me!” I say, quickly trying to swim away...
    The octosquid (or so I call it.) starts to chase me, but within a second of its beginning it swings its tentacle at me, I dodge the tentacle but the water it generates pushes me through the water like a missile! Quickly, I am tossed back at the surface, as I watch the octosquid ascend from the ocean.

    I continue to run away, but I didn’t make it too far before a tentacle grabbed me and the octopus started to address me without moving it’s mouth.
    “Outsider, you have attempted to approach the borders of the Kingsley Kingdom, present your identity.”
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    Chapter 7: The Grym Pie

    “Gulp, this doesn’t seem too good..” I think to myself, being frozen with fear against the huge being that holds me within its grip.
    “I repeat,” Says the octosquid again. “Please present your identity, or prepare for instant disintegration.”

    I just stood there, thinking about what I can do at this point, so I just decided that maybe I could talk my way out.
    “My name is Markus Greenwood, and I mean no harm!” I shout at once.
    I feel the mechanical monster’s grip being loosened slowly from around me, as he looks at me from up to down.
    “THE Markus Greenwood! OMG!” Shouts the octosquid, I feel the urge to giggle, but try to prevent myself from showing any expression. As I watch the being, suddenly its head opens up and a man is seen seated in the middle around a bunch of control panels, waving at me, in the exact middle of the head, wait, it’s not a man, it’s a teenager, probably 5’a bit aged 17 or such, brown hair and dark-ish skin, and a more childish expression than that of a person who should be in his current position, in charge of such a huge protection mech.

    “Do I.. know you?” I ask, confused.
    “No, but I know you!!” He says. “Remember the Terrapus Dragon?”
    “Particularly, I’ve fought one terrapus dragon, and have defeated it so..” I continue.
    “Yes, that!” He keeps shouting. “We’ve sent that through the planet with a tracking and camera device, it was a mutation we have made. It was supposed to observe the conditions on the continent, and we were marveled when we found humans there, and not just so, but as you have known, they have their own technology, war conditions, and races...”
    “So you’re the reason why I have been given a death sentence!” I shout, angrily, trying to slash around me with my sword.
    “Before you go outrageous, try to remember who’s in the suit and who’s being held..” He says, giggling. “Anyways, one who could defeat a Terrapus Dragon could DEFINITELY challenge an entire country army, right?”

    “I couldn’t,” I continue, looking down. “The armies are equipped with high-technology weapons with all kinds of status effects, and I’m alone.. and besides, even if I can, I don’t want to give a bad reputation to my father and uncle... leaving this aside, can you let me down? I’m starting to feel seasick.”
    “Yeah, wouldn’t want you throwing up and ruining the new suit!” He says, then one tentacle opens into a hole, and I am sucked into it. I find myself inside the control room, with the guy, he spins around with his chair to face me, as he sets his machine to dive towards the kingdom on its own.
    “Aren’t you a little too young to control a robot?” I ask.
    “Aren’t you a lot too young to kill a dragon?” He asks back, with a faint smile. “Nick, by the way, Nick Theory.”
    “Markus, and I assume you already knew my name.” I say. “Aren’t you gonna take me back to where I came from?”
    “Nope!” He says.
    “Then... can I at least know where we are off to?” I ask, confused.
    “Kingsley’s, somebody’s waiting for you!” He says, laughing, as I stand still confused, and look out the window to see the huge peninsula in the distance.

    ~ Our story returns to the world we knew, which, by the way, is known as the Continent of Salvaria. A black market in the middle of an unsupervised part of the outskirts of the Brain Empire, where all beings lurk, humans and brains, androids and Terrapi, all of them share the look of a thug, or a member of some poor mafia, or sometimes a beggar. The area is known as Roguia, it is named by a rogue “businessman” which has built this market to make profit and hide from both the Brain government and the big cats. He was not a very lawful man, dealt with nuclear weapons, particularly mass-extinction machines, before they were banished by a contract between the humans and the brains after World War III ended in 294 AA. He, however, still searches for the opportunity to strike a nuclear deal, although he doesn’t find any of those at these times.

    In a particular area, a cloaked man walks the area, asking around for a particular piece of weaponry known as the sulpeer. His face is fully covered, but some red can be made out from the bottom of his face...

    “What do you mean you got nothing!?” Asks the cloaked man.
    “Nothing, mercenary. Get lost!” Shouts back one of the men, a black android, who is part-human, who the cloaked man has been talking to now to buy the weapon.
    “I know it’s with you!” Shouts the cloaked man, holding the man by the shirt. “You’re the fourth guy to tell me he doesn’t have it, and I know the owner is encouraging you to keep it stored so that he could get all the stock when he is here for twice the price.”
    “Sir, I don’t know what you’re tal..” continues the salesman, being interrupted by the cloaked man, once more tightening his grip, pulling the salesman closer as he says the following words
    “If you don’t give me the sulpeer now, for its price of course, I’m gonna color one of my blades red today.”
    “Jokes on you, my blood is black.” He says, smirking as he teleports behind the cloaked man and grabs his throat, revealing his face to be that of an elite and much-evolved Terrapus, it is Yeongyul, the Terrapus that has survived the massacre of the Terrapus kingdom, son-in-law of the deceased queen. He is struggling to take his breath, but quickly, he manages to break free by kicking the Android in his leg, causing him to trip partly, as Yeongyul takes a step backwards and takes his two blades, made mostly of iron and coated partly with onyx, out of his belt. The Android acts back by emitting a huge blade from his right arm.
    “You better apologize and kiss my feet,” Shouts the Android, as the surrounding people start stopping to check the fight out.
    “Since when does anyone kiss the slave’s feet?” Replies Yeongyul. At this point, things have gone crazy, the people were talking to each other in a high voice and the android was losing it. The only thing worse than provoking a grym in his home is calling an Android a slave, this was when the android dashed at diabolical speed to behead the Terrapus, but he wasn’t fast enough, as merely a millisecond before that, two blades were raised to meet the blade on the way.
    “Slave? Yeah? at least I’m not food!” Says the Android, officially starting a flame war. Yeongyul quickly spins around to slash while he leaves one blade to hold on to the big blade, but he was parried by the same blade, in a move that looks too fast to be a parry movement, and more likely to be an instant phase change.
    “Stop manipulating time!” Shouts Yeongyul, pressing in with his blade as his second blade rejoins, still making no progress whatsoever in reaching the Android.
    “If that’s another way to say “I give up”, I’d rather hear it from you directly..” laughs the Android, as he spins, once again at that speed, as Yeongyul once again parries it, this time it was apparent that the parry was incomplete, as Yeongyul was having a hard time maintaining his defensive position. This is when the battle broke through, Yeongyul started to slash multiple times at once, trying to catch the android in an act of surprise. Unfortunately for him, the Android also continues to slash, although his weapon wasn’t as strong as the blades Yeongyul possess, and him having one weapon against two which was supposed to give him a disadvantage, he still managed to swipe with his blade around seventy times a second, catching Yeongyul in an act of speed and causing him to fall to the floor as he wounds his leg. Yeongyul manages to keep the pain in, but he glares at the Android, angrily.

  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member
    Various people are shouting “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”, it’s not really a thing they have against Yeongyul, but their rogue manners make them more than happy to see a fight end in a bloodbath.
    Before the Android could gladly grant the spectators their wish, the people suddenly all kneel at once, and as the Android notices what they’ve been looking it, he joins. Yeongyul, however, struggles to stand up to obey the law of the lawless.
    “You are excused, rest, Yeongyul of the Terrapus Kingdom.” Says a new voice. The owner of the voice, who is also the owner of basically everything in the scenery, is a serious looking man, slightly larger than usual, he looks like a human mostly, but something about his blue skin and long ears and bigger size makes him look much less human. He is Bluebeard

    The owner doesn’t have any weapons, but as legends go, he looks like he could deal a lot without any. He looks at Yeongyul, then at the Android.
    “Now, I won’t let you two kill each other, especially when I need you!” Bluebeard says.
    “Me?” Both Yeongyul and the Android say at the same time.
    “Both of you, Yeongyul of the Terrapus Kingdom, Gucym of the North..” continues Bluebeard. “I need you for a special task, to retrieve a living, walking weapon of mass-destruction with me.”
    “I’m kind of on a busy schedule lately..” says Yeongyul
    “Yeah, kind of trying to earn some money here selling my weapons and..” adds the Android, but both were interrupted by a huge bag filled with gold thrown into the chests of each of them, and as they both observe the gold inside their bags..
    “.. but I guess I can do a job to pass time!” They both shout in excitement.

    ... Later that night, Maverick moves through the factory, slaughtering the resisting workers. He approaches a pool of acid, with a cage controlled by one worker.
    “You won’t get the grym! I’m the only one that can pull him out, and I’d rather die than let the world end on my, or anyone’s, behalf!” Shouts the worker.
    “Fragile peasant,” sighs Maverick, as if he was about to say something else, but he quickly shoots a powerful ball of flame, disintegrating the man in an instant without leaving him a chance to react.
    “I love what I do!” Says Maverick, laughing maniacally, as he points with both his hands towards the pool of acid, and starts mentally raising the cage until it becomes in front of him, and he leaves it down, watching as the Grym, the huge gray and powerful being of legends, bends the steel bars without touching them, and going outside.
    “Hah! Darmeus told me that you, practically and debatably almost immortal beings, had a weakness, but I never knew it was something as pathetic as steel and acid!” Laughs Maverick
    “It is not as simple as that, Maverick.” Says the Grym, expressionlessly.
    “You know my name? Fascinating.” Says Maverick in a lower voice, as if to himself partly.
    “I not only know this, but to cut all the talk and introductions, you’re welcome to try and take my corpse.” Shouts the Grym
    “Hah! Even better! Come on, old man.. Darmeus told me a lot of tricks, and I’m ready!” Says Maverick, slowly rising to the air.
    “Not even your lord, Darmeus, can defeat me, mortal.”
    “Darmeus is not my lord, and I am not Darmeus.” Continues Maverick, this time his eyes start to glow red. “I will torture you to death.” Says Maverick in a much deeper voice.
    “What do YOU know about torture, mortal!” Screams the Grym suddenly, as he quickly becomes in front of Maverick and hits him across the face, tossing him across the factory to break the walls, he gets up easily and starts charging red-powered whips from his hands, he starts glowing red even more.
    “More than you will see from me, arrogant mortal!” He finally shouts, breaking out and looking like a being made completely of red energy, he starts firing bolts of red energy at the speed of sound, but the Grym dodges them all as if they are nothing, and quickly appears in front of Maverick again, this time he squashes him with both hands. This time, however, Maverick manages to slip out fast enough and hits the Grym across the face with his whip, twice.
    “You have officially passed the line, revenant!” Shouts Grym, suddenly breaking out, as the world around them becomes completely black and white. Maverick seems to be seeing multiple instances of the Grym moving around, each taking a turn at dashing and punching him. Maverick quickly escapes the circle and stands into a corner, as a group of three men bust into the factory in a car vehicle. They are Bluebeard, Yeongyul, and Gucym.
    “I think we came at the wrong time..” Says Gucym.
    Maverick looks at the group, and so does the Grym.
    “Hah! Yeongyul! Missed me already?” Shouts Maverick
    “Woah, I haven’t seen you ever since that war.. where did you scamper off to?” Replies Yeongyul. “And what are you doing up there?”
    “Trying to kill the Grym, of course.” Says Maverick
    “You can’t kill the Grym!” Says Gucym
    “Technically, you can.” Say both Maverick and Bluebeard in the same time.

    “Well, well, well,” shout all the Grym at once. “There are two mortals here that have two different ways to kill me... if it isn’t Bluebeard! How is Darathia?”
    “Shut up,” Says Bluebeard. “We need this Grym, alive. You better move along, Maverick.”
    “At this point, neither of us will be able to get closer to hurting him than I did before he went all out...” Says Maverick. “At least, let us fight him, and then let us battle afterwards to decide what we do with the Grym!”
    “You got a deal...” Says Bluebeard.
    “You guys are very self-confident” say the Grym. “You don’t realize that I’ll probably be the one thinking what to do with all the raw power radiating from your corpses when I’m done with you.”

    “Hah!” Laughs Maverick. “I know Yeongyul well, and I’ve heard of Bluebeard.. and, of course, Gucym of the North! We’ll see about that!”

    Chapter guests: Tannerman, Hydroblade.
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    Chapter 8: Kingsley & The Orb

    ~We settle down on the coast of the peninsula I’ve seen, and just as I get down from the huge.. thing, I open my eyes, in amazement, as far as I’ve never opened before...
    It’s a huge kingdom, everything is mechanical, there’s fast vehicles, ground and flying, robots flying everywhere, moving objects and helping humans in building and other things, it was a truly amazing sight, seeing everything and everyone helping each other to keep the city up... and in the middle of the city, a huge castle, being surrounded by the flying robots.
    “What kind of steam makes this?” I ask, not really knowing how I can describe.. this!
    “Not steam, buddy.” Says Nick, smiling. “Electricity!”
    “What?” I ask.
    “Don’t pressure yourself, you guys will discover that soon or later.” He says, taking my hand and walking through the city, greeting almost everyone he sees, until we’re at the door of the castle.. I am taken inside, and walk for quite a bit until we’re already on the top floor.
    “Sit on the couch while I talk to the king.” Says Nick, walking into the next door.

    I just sit there, not knowing what to do... I decide to walk around, until I am in front of the door while walking, I hear a word that catches my attention~

    Wait, what? Go back...

    I quickly return to the door and lay my ears. I can hear them talking, but for some reason, I can barely tell whose voice is whose.
    “Your majesty, King Kingsley the Third, I’ve seen him fight, he’s definitely the one.”
    “So have I, and I’ll have to agree.. he’s a little legend!”
    “He had slain a Terrapus Dragon... and he is thirteen years old?”
    “Give or take a few months.”
    “What do you think, Sir Brainstorm?”
    Now was some silence, perhaps he nodded or gave a thumbs up or something.
    “Um, not interrupt you guys, but someone really needs to get a few ears off of our door.”

    As I hear this, I quickly sneak back to my place and sit, as a second later, the door opens.
    “There’s cameras here, yeah, and don’t ask what those are, we thought we’d let you listen instead of having to tell you everything again, I hate repetition!” Says Nick, being the first to come out, followed by a man with a huge brown beard, and a crown, which must be the king. I kneel to him.
    “Your majesty,” I say.
    “Rise.” He says, and so I do.

    I stand watching, until out of the same door, comes Alpha, in a fairer coat and clothing.
    “Alpha! It was your plan all along?” I say.
    “Markus! Charmed to see you again, how did you do?” Replies Alpha.
    “When am I going back to Peaceham?” I ask.
    “I hope you don’t mind,” Says the King. “You will be staying with us for a few years, and I promise, you will be trained to become the greatest warrior you can become.”
    “Your majesty, I thank you for your generosity.” I say, kneeling once more, while thinking of what is to come.

    ~Everyone is looking at each other now, the Grym, Yeongyul, Gucym, Bluebeard, and Maverick, for a moment of thought, until Bluebeard takes out a huge axe and throws it as powerful as he could towards the Grym. The Grym catches it with his hands, and throws it back to another Grym, which carries it and throws it at the sky.. What is happening is... indescribable, the axe is duplicating, and so are the Grym, and they are waving around, until the axes collect into one axe, which was thrown by the Grym towards Bluebeard.

    Bluebeard jumps out of the way, but the collision of the Grym-empowered axe with the wall still manages to toss Bluebeard away. As he gets on his feet quickly, Grym had already gotten ahold of Gucym, as he takes his huge blade out to slash the Grym’s arm, with which he responds to by throwing him upwards, and smacking him so hard, he practically penetrates the Wall.

    Maverick and Yeongyul stare at each other, and nod, as Maverick dashes behind the Grym, while Yeongyul dashes in front of him...

    Yeongyul connects both blades, and starts spinning them in a quick manner, and jumps at the Grym while Maverick channels a jolt of energy from behind...
    Quickly, the Grym’s eyes glow, as he bows backwards, watching Yeongyul jump over his head. The Grym then makes a backflip, kicking Yeongyul towards the now channeled energy...

    Luckily for them, the jolt moves around Yeongyul, and goes directly towards the Grym, and as the Grym raises his hands to take them, the Lightning continues jolting into his arm, visibly causing him pain, although he manages to stand still and defend himself...
    In an act of surprise, and even shockingly for the Grym, the Grym is met by a very powerful fist from Bluebeard, which drops him to the ground as the energy takes ahold of his body, preventing him from moving and causing him a lot of pain.
    “I’ve worn my battle gauntlet for you, son.” Says Bluebeard. “And I’m ready to make you into Grym pie..”
    Quickly, Yeongyul returns to his position, and reconnects his blades, while spinning roughly with them, wounding every part of the Grym’s body.

    “Why did nobody invite me to the party!?” Says Gucym, still dizzy, but quickly regaining his stance and running towards the Grym, although not getting to complete before...

    “IDIOTS!” Shouts the Grym, creating hundreds of multiple copies of himself, and sending all the people surrounding him away, except for Maverick.

    “Oldest trick in the (REDACTED)ing book!” Shouts Maverick, as he dashes once more at the tired Grym, creating a spear made of pure energy, and impaling the Grym’s chest, causing the copies to fade, and even the illusion, where the place finally returns to normal, except the factory no longer has one piece bigger than one cubic meter in size. On the floor, lays the Grym, bleeding with blood that is an extremely dark shade of red. Still alive, but struggling to even keep his vision straight. Truly, a Grym is the strongest predator, but when losing blood, it can become the weakest prey.

    “Don’t worry, Bluebeard.” Says Maverick. “We can still save him, and fight for whoever gets him, alive or dead.”
    “I got what I wanted while he is alive.” Says Bluebeard, holding a red stone with blue carvings on it, that looks like a heart of some sorts. “And I know your god friend will get what he wants.”

    Bluebeard, Yeongyul, and Gucym walk away, as Maverick looks at the dead Grym in satisfaction, yet confusion and shock.. you don’t see a dead Grym every day, do you?

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