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The matter of the World’s Fair (Fanfiction)

tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,441Member, Arbiter
The leather boots of Comissar Gregory Ilyopov echoed through the massive Marble Gallery. On the right, large windows illuminated the sleek designed gallery. On the left, various large doors gave entry to hallways and rooms deeper into the headquarters of the Party.

His fast pace alerted the General-Secretary’s bodyguards at the end of the hallway. Like the other doors, these were also made of solid bronse, but were significantly Larger. The guards saluted Ilyopov, and opened the doors for him. This place has always been hard to describe. It’s scope is bizarre, yet it’s colours were calm and made it feel more like a living room, were it not that the walls were made of expensive stone from Italy, the ceiling were strengthened by mahogany wood, and the floor was made of grassgreen carpet from Persia. The fireplace left of the door was strikingly dark and made of marble, while the furniture was simple, yet elegant. Right before a door in the corner of the office stood a solid desk where the most powerful man of the hemisphere sat behind. He had his magnifying glass in one hand. With the other, he held some papers.

Ilyopov approached him, froze, and brought his heels together. ‘General-Secretary I have some’s about the world’s fair,’
The leader didn’t seem too impressed. He said nothing, and was still in the same pose the comissar found him in. ‘ leader?’
Suddenly he got a reply. The Moustached General-Secretary, who wore his grey military attire, looked up. His countless medals looked impressive. ‘Well?’ He stated slightly impatient. ‘Out with it,’.

Comissar Ilyopov, again, came a little closer. ‘We do not know entirely what hapened, but something went seriously wrong in Chicago,’ he explained. ‘Something about experiments gone wrong, and massive havoc as result...’
‘And our delegation?’ He asked.
‘No news,’ Ilyopov replied.

The leader of Europe stood up. ‘This...experiment, that has gone wrong. How much impact will it have on us?’ He asked the comissar.
‘Forgive me but I can not tell yet. This is all the information I have got, but I’ve ordered the U.I.B. to keep me informed,’
‘Good, good...’ the leader sat down again. ‘Let me know if you have more information on what happened and the status of our delegation is,’ he ordered calmly. Comissar Ilyopov nodded, and left the General-Secretary’s office with haste, hoping that the intelligence bureau has learned more about the world’s fair in Chicago.


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    Looks great
  • tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,441Member, Arbiter


    Everywhen said:

    Looks great


    Part two will soon follow!
  • tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,441Member, Arbiter
    (Part two)

    The Speaker of the Socialist parliament stood up from his chair and walked to the microphone. ‘Commissars and Comrades of the party, please stand for the General-Secretary!’ He ordered loudly. All 12.000 people present stood up and started to applaud for the Great Leader. So did Commissar Ilyopov, who sat directly left of the speeching table, now approached by a tall, slightly overweight man. As usual, he was dressed in his Marshall of the Union attire. Field grey, with brown, leather boots. Ilyopov didn’t want to clap for him, but at this moment he didn’t really have a point.

    Once the General-Secretary had taken place behind the microphones out of his left pocket he took his glasses, which he put on the tip of his nose, all while everyone was still clapping. The leader looked around, as always slightly unimpressed. He pressed a button below the microphone, promting a zokmer to go off. Everyone stopped clapping, and sat down.

    ‘Dearest comrades,’ the leader started. ‘Five days ago Chicago has been hit by a terrible failure. The worlds fair has been the site of an enemy we have never seen before, proving once more the undeniable fact that the Americans have gine too far in thei deranged conquest of science...,’

    Ilyopov listened with great care, so did the other twelve commissaries. Everyone was listening to the voice of their leader. This time not because of his position, but because of what he said.

    ‘The American scientists have been experimenting on a mysterious substance that is called ectoplasm. This experimenting resulted in a foe the world has never seen before...’
    The General-Secretary scratched his chin, which was full of tiny scars from his youth.
    ‘This foe corrupted his surroundings, won them for his cause. Our ambassador is dead. Many others are dead. And the Americans are out for blood.

    Therefore...’ the leader raised the volume of his voice. ‘I can state nothing else that a martial law will be in effect soon. It is my sworn duty to protect the great continent. This catastrophe must be averted before it reaches us. Chicago and it’s surroundings must be fully eradicated. Our missiles are ready to be launched. The world will be in debt with us,’

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