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Giga blue crystal

WalrusLordWalrusLord bbbbbbbbbPosts: 48Member
edited June 2018 in Feedback and Game Ideas
We have small, medium, large... But why stop there! I started doing this for fun but quit halfway through after I realized I would never be able to produce something as detailed as the current in game crystals. Large blue for comparison.
585 x 350 - 298K


  • ItsjustketchupItsjustketchup Plastic BeachPosts: 220Member
    Looks great cool stuff
  • KinderQuaser20DKinderQuaser20D Posts: 193Member
    That looks so cool , imean after that rainbow crystal , everything its possible for crystals
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,879Member
    Maybe I can trade it for morw steam jets...
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