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A Possible Idea?

As a player who have been playing this game for a long time now and have seen the ups and downs of the game and its development over the years, I have a few ideas that I would like to give to @mikelaurence as a possible add-on to the game.

1. Making some paid items to craftable items

- With the release of the science update, and with that the possibility of crafting brain wine which used to only be obtainable by buying from the crown store or possibly killing a brain lord. How about the possibility of crafting other paid items like the protectors, liquid bombs. Protectors can be crafted with panels, depending on which kind, mini tesla, widget, sprocket, and etc. Protectors shouldn’t be easy to craft however, just like the brain wine you should have a high level of engineering and even building stats depending on which kind. We could even possibly craft our own androids, it seems like some of the parts are there like the automation joint and machine gear. I also know from a previous announcement about the possibility of making the mass machines craftable but in a different way; I don’t know if this feature is still in its conceptual stage but I think we’re sorta heading there.

2. Another way to loot clothes

- Wardrobes nowadays are pretty much there for decoration, even in the ruined houses but how about if you can loot clothes from them. I know you’re probably questioning on what if you have all the collection of lootable clothes, then you can actually get 1-10 crowns from them. I know you’re probably thinking that this may seem easy to loot clothes ot crowns, well then how about the chances of what clothes or how many crowns you’ll get is affected by the luck stat? If you have the luck of 1, then you’ll probably just get a maximum of 1 crown, and if you have the luck of 10, you’ll mostly get new clothes or 6-10 crowns. Besides, wardrobes are actually relatively uncommon compared to sacks and barrels since you can only find them in ruined houses. I do want to add the fact that there should be more clothes that can be looted and cannot be bought from the crown store.

3. A use for the world key
- A lingering mystery as of this moment is the purpose of the world key, it’s completely useless because it totally is, but what if you can actually use the world key to make an unowned world your own. Simply put, you found an old world around 60% explored, you use the world key then boom, that world is officially yours. It’s like buying your own world but it’s not unexplored. I do believe that you can only get this from loots and the crowns store.

That’s all, I would like for @mikelaurence to actually read these ideas and even possibly give out his thoughts and suggestions about this. But you can also give out your idea on this as well :)


  • llmmzzllmmzz Posts: 567Member
    2 floor
  • mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,366Member, Administrator
    Yep, allowing many of the store items to be craftable is a major purpose of the science system :)
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,873Member

    Yep, allowing many of the store items to be craftable is a major purpose of the science system :)

    What of the almighty world key?
  • TheBlindEyeTheBlindEye Posts: 684Member
    I wanna resurface this not only to gravedig a bit here but to let people know this thread and maybe have a few discussions too. I also have new ideas in the back of my head that would be cool to see in the game.

    Monthy Loot

    - I think I should say no further but monthy loot is simply daily loot, but it has a monthly rotation. The purpose of this is pretty much for people to have something to work on by the end of the month, and because of that the loot should be something worth working upon like onyx equipment. And of course the requirement to get these loot should be more than the daily loots. An example is the onyx pickaxe is worth about 20,000 xp while the onyx mass teleporter is worth 55,000 xp.

    I hope I make myself clear here, if you have any questions regarding these ideas let me know, and if you have ideas of your own then you may post them here.
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