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Okay so a few years ago I was banned by @lisa and I knew it would happen, I felt like total crap after I did so. I mean I still try to get unbanned but I know it won’t happen. I’m not here to ask to be unbanned anymore, I’m here to ask for something of you guys and I hope this could actually have a good change for me. So a few nights ago my personal Instagram was attacked by a few accounts that were “Deepworld” related, I started getting horrible messages from players and such and I really didn’t appreciate it, so could it please stop, i know I deserve it for the “Pretending I’m someone” mess back in 2014? But I really hope it could stop as of now. It’s gotten to the point where I have to ask on the forums for help and such. I’m sorry for asking so for so much but Lisa could you leave this up for a while. Sorry once again.


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,804Member
    edited July 2018
    Whoever is doing this, shtap it.
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