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RACE CITY - which day of the week to run races?

DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaMember Posts: 1,844
Hello everyone!
After more than two months and 15 builders, Race City is finally finished!
We would like to host races once a week at about the same time, so it would become a regular event!
There will be DeepWorld sponsored prizes (we don't know what they will be yet)
There will be extra prizes if games are sponsored by players.

Which day of the week should we host races?
Please also specify which time would work best for you.

RACE CITY - which day of the week to run races? 17 votes

EverywhenMonsieur_JackBastian7JusticeGamingTealHyenaElectroxmofc1991DetechForestGumpfloatie 10 votes
PIPTR0FlynnXDChickenIronManArcher_Brainstorm_ 5 votes
LilyabcDebator 2 votes


  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaMember Posts: 1,844
    Did a test run today, was a total success, 5 people finished the race. Was a bit of head to head action for 2nd and 3rd place, but okZC took out the competition, finishing the race in 13 min and 1 sec.

    Was fun, handed out 1 Onyx to 1st, 3 dia to 2nd and 1 dia for the rest.

    Most people who seen the race for the first time were quite excited, though about 3-4 ppl got stuck in area 2 on parkour. We might have to simplify it.

    Main thing - everything is working.
    I would host more of these test races with prizes, but I would run out of onyx quite quickly lol.

    If anyone wants to host a race at any moment, please let me know. I would love to test out the racetrack a few more times.

    BY THE WAY, I left the racetrack open, so anyone who wants to practice, feel free to check it out.
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Member Posts: 731
    I’ll try and go through it on my own,wanna time me but okzc seems pretty pacey!!
  • Monsieur_JackMonsieur_Jack California-ParisMember Posts: 291
    I think after a tiring week, it will be awesome for morals.
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