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New mass machine

Me_Crown_KingMe_Crown_King Duping since 1999Member Posts: 898
With market worlds appearing on popular tab and new markets being more popular than Times Square there are some huge problems that can pop up.

1. Lag machines. Now the main source of lags in game can come from exploders (i’ve done some testing and this issue is still not fixed).
2. Working spawners. In player created markets they work and anyone can hookup large switch with 20 large spawners at the main spawn and ruin everyone’s world experience.
3. Placing lots of protectors? Now I’m not so sure about this one but i can imagine if someone places 5 giga protectors in not his world that can be annoying.

So maybe it will be a good idea to make somekind of a new Mass Engineering Machine (probably another name).

This machine can suppress usage of exploders (or maybe even all steam pipe lines), Spawner usage and maybe even controll max protector amount in a world.
And for sure there are other options that it can have that I haven’t thought of


  • Slava_RossiyaSlava_Rossiya Member Posts: 63
    Or just general world options, not having to buy a new machine specifically for that purpose.
  • ElectroxElectrox Antarctica Underground BaseMember Posts: 883
    So the new mass machine to control how many protectors can be placed per players and wich size can be placed could be called Satellite
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