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Update Ideas

A list of some things I might want in the near future
> General Use for Tea, Sprockets, Widgets and Skeleton Keys
> Added Use for Shillings
> Archeologist Achievement
> New Clothing/ Items
> New Biomes: Forest and Ocean Worlds
> New Mobs/ Animals: Dogs, Cats, Pigs -Drop Fillets, Fish -Catch using Fishing Rods
> Tools in between Fine Pickaxe and Diamond
> Fine Shovel/ Fine Cane/ Fine Spade/ Fine Net/ Fine Rapier
> Different Building Materials: Roofing, Furniture, Lighting etc.
> Variety of Sponsored Worlds/ Events
> Platinum becoming less rare, but still reasonably hard & Platinum Jetpacks/ Accessories
> Optional/ Different Piano and Symphonium Background Music + Radio


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