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Platinum net

HeroHero Member Posts: 15
After crafting the platinum net i tried to catch some buterflys and noticed it does so much damage it kills them and give you no chance to catch them thus a waste of over 25 onyx please fix the damage it seems to be double the amount of damage as onyx net


  • HeroHero Member Posts: 15
    a bit of an update but i also tried to catch pinned bugs and that catch rate seems to be non existant
  • SirentistSirentist Member, Moderator, Arbiter Posts: 8,883
    I brought this up in the most recent server update thread ( and Mike said he'd fix it ... presumably in the next update, which hasn't come out yet. Once it does, you'll have to come back here and let us know!
  • HeroHero Member Posts: 15
    the platinum cane and some other items have been added so and the platinum net doesn't seem to work still so idk whats happening with it @Sirentist
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