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Why cant you place items fast?

ElectroxElectrox Antarctica Underground BaseMember Posts: 883
Why cant you place items fast anymore?
is it supposed to be this way now or is it a bug i feel like the fact that you cant place items fast anymore is gonna make building way harder and


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSMember Posts: 2,692
    Sirentist said:

    Yeah, this really cramps my style! Hope it's just an unintended bug rather than a new "feature."

    Edited to Add:
    Although if it's part of the new anti-duping measures, I'd be willing to adjust to it...

    I think duping had something to do with karma and placing fast, so probably
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaMember Posts: 1,793
    Hmmm I didn't notice any changes when building. Is this only on PC?
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Member Posts: 708
    I was so confused aswell thank god lol
  • Dominus_MortisDominus_Mortis I am being super super super super super super super super super SUUUUPER good. Mmkay? Kay.Member Posts: 947
    Well hopefully theyll remove this little feature after the situation is handled.
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