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Hunter Head Influx

A recent problem has caught my attention and the attention of many others. It is now a few days, maybe a week, after Mike attempted to fix the duplication problem. While he did indeed prevent duplication from happening in the future and did take items out of players inventories that duplicated I believe more needs to be done. I recently sold a Hunter Head, recently being 2 days ago, late at night or early in the morning rather, point being I sold it for 100 onyx, the very next morning there was an influx of Hunter Heads into the economy because of duplicated Hunter Heads and now they are being sold at 1-35 onyx each. This is a problem because the person I sold it to, who I will keep anonymous, has requested a trade back, obviously I don't want to but I feel bad. To wrap up I think something must be done, whether it be a Inventory reset back to before the duplication or another method, something must change.
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